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The Difference between Electronic and Mechanical Mods

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Electronic cigarettes, like plants, can be divided into different types, including electronic mods and mechanical mods. While many people are familiar with electronic cigarettes, little is known about the differences between electronic and mechanical mods. Now, let's take a look at the differences between electronic and mechanical mods.

An electronic cigarette consists of two parts, a battery mod and an atomizer. An electronic mod refers to an electronic cigarette with a circuit board, while a mechanical mod is an electronic cigarette without a circuit board. An electronic mod has adjustable voltage, which can be adjusted based on the resistance of the atomizer coil. This function allows users to choose different amounts of vapor and flavors. A mechanical mod, on the other hand, does not have voltage regulation and can only produce a constant voltage output.

The Difference between Electronic and Mechanical Mods - Zinwi

1. Battery Differences

Usually, the batteries used in electronic cigarettes are long-lasting and have relatively stable and low output currents (usually between 3A and 5A). The batteries used in mechanical mods are power batteries, which are battery types with larger output currents (between 30A and 35A). It is important to differentiate between these two types of batteries when purchasing.

2. Differences in Voltage Regulation

An electronic mod has a circuit board, so power levels can be adjusted through physical buttons or specified commands. A mechanical mod does not have a circuit board and cannot manually adjust voltage. However, vapor output can be controlled by replacing the heating wire in the atomizer.

3. Differences in Vapor Output

There is a difference in vapor output between electronic and mechanical mods. Generally, the vapor output of an electronic cigarette is equivalent to 3-5 cigarettes, but some electronic cigarettes can produce even more vapor due to the use of more powerful batteries and atomizers, equivalent to 7-8 cigarettes. The vapor output of a mechanical mod is more impressive, with a single mechanical mod producing vapor equivalent to 3-3 hookahs. However, it can be difficult to control vapor output without a certain level of experience.

Regardless of the type of mod used, it is important to follow the basic principle of "positive up and negative down" when installing batteries.

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