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What do loose and tight coils of e-cigarette heating wire mean?

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Friends who have just started using e-cigarettes may come across the terms "loose coil" and "tight coil" when learning about e-cigarettes. So what do these terms mean?

1. What is a loose coil?

A loose coil of e-cigarette heating wire refers to a coil that is relatively sparse. It is very easy to make a loose coil, and even novice players can make one with evenly spaced gaps. Loose coils have a relatively small amount of carbon deposition and a longer lifespan, making them more suitable for beginners and players who do not pay much attention to details.

2. Why use a loose coil?

Because the resistance of the heating wire is too low, if the coil is wound tightly, the coil will be very dense, which will limit the space of the atomizer and cannot be made too long. Due to the low resistance, the current will be large, which may cause the heating wire to burn out. In addition, in mechanical devices, due to the dense coils, the heating is more concentrated, and the smoke is larger under the same voltage. The advantage of loose coils is that they are easy to adjust, do not need to be repeatedly burned, and are more conducive to the evaporation of e-liquid through the gaps in the coil. Although the heating is not as concentrated as tight coils, in voltage-regulated devices, it can be compensated for by increasing the power to obtain larger smoke than tight coils.

What do loose and tight coils of e-cigarette heating wire mean? - Zinwi

3. What is a tight coil?

A tight coil refers to a coil of heating wire that is tightly wound together, requiring a certain amount of skill and patience. The tighter the coil, the higher the resistance.

4. Why use a tight coil?

Because the coils are dense and the heating is concentrated, they are suitable for use in mechanical devices and can produce larger smoke at the same voltage. Moreover, tight coils can better suppress the phenomenon of oil spattering because the heating is more concentrated, which can prevent minor oil spattering and avoid splashing.

In summary, loose coils are suitable for beginners to use, with even heating, simple production, high compatibility with wires, and less likelihood of core charring. Tight coils heat up quickly, have better oil-spattering suppression, occupy less space, but are more difficult to make. There is no significant difference in the taste of the smoke produced by the two coils.

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