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Average flavor percentage when mixing ejuice

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Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have taken the world by storm. Most adult smokers understand the dangers of smoking but find it difficult to quit without external support. And e-cigarettes offer that support.

One of the most popular aspects of e-cigarettes is the vast range of flavors, which enables vapers to customize their vaping experience. There are literally thousands of e-liquid flavors available – from fruity to dessert flavors – and mixing your e-juice allows endless possibilities.

Mixing e-juice is a complex process that requires proper knowledge of the products’ ingredients and their flavor profiles. The flavor percentage is an important element to consider when mixing e-juice, as it determines the overall taste quality.

Understanding flavor percentages in e-juice mixes

When mixing an e-juice, flavor percentage refers to the amount of flavor used in a recipe. The flavor percentage is essential since e-juice is made up of a few ingredients in varying quantities that produce a unique taste. The percentage of each component is a critical consideration in creating a balanced e-juice.

The flavor percent of an e-juice mix can range from 2% to 20%, depending on the flavor type and the recipe used. A higher flavor percentage does not necessarily translate to a better-tasting e-juice. On the other hand, an e-juice with a low flavor percent may lack enough taste, leading to a bland experience and an unsatisfied customer.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the flavor percentage range when mixing e-juice, and the impact this percentage has on the overall taste quality.

Average flavor percentage when mixing ejuice

The impact of flavor percentage on taste quality

E-juice flavor percentage can drastically impact the taste of the e-liquid. A flavor percent that is too high may result in an overpowering flavor that is challenging to vape, while a low flavor percent may result in a weak or muted taste.

A low flavor percent can happen due to various reasons, such as:

-Not adding enough flavor to the recipe.

-Using low-quality flavoring agents.

-The flavor is too volatile, leading to evaporation during the steeping process.

-Not steeping the e-juice mix long enough.

On the other hand, there are instances where a high flavor percent causes problems such as:

-The flavor is too strong, resulting in an overwhelming taste.

-The flavor will not steep well, and the e-juice mix will separate over time.

-The e-juice mix might cause irritation or discomfort when vaped.

To avoid both conditions, the flavor percent must be correct. In most cases, a balanced flavor percentage falls between 8-10%. It helps the e-juice mix to capture the desired flavor while avoiding the taste of overpowering, significantly enhancing the vapers’ overall experience.

However, several other factors can affect the flavor percentage, including steeping time, climate, and the e-juice mix’s ingredients.

Factors that affect flavor percentage

The steeping process

Steeping e-juice is an essential process that involves the development of the e-juice’s flavor over time. The flavor percentage will gradually change during this process, depending on how long the e-juice mix is left to steep.

Typically, an e-juice mix will need to steep for a minimum of one week before it develops its full flavor and aroma. During steeping, the e-juice mix is exposed to oxygen and heat, which causes chemical reactions to occur, allowing the flavors to blend better.

Flavors will naturally dissipate over time; thus, if an e-juice mix is steeped for too long, the flavor percent will decrease. So, it is essential to find the right recipe, steeping time, and ingredients to create a perfect blend.


Climate plays a vital role in the preservation of the flavor percent in e-juice mixes.

For instance, humidity can alter the flavor percent, making the e-juice mix too strong or too weak. Additionally, high humidity causes flavors to evaporate quicker, resulting in a weaker or muted flavor.

Therefore, when mixing e-juice, it is essential to consider the climate and storing conditions.


When mixing e-juice, choosing the right ingredients is crucial to capturing the flavor and preserving the flavor percent. Flavor concentrates have different flavor percentages; some are weaker, while others are stronger.

It is essential to choose high-quality, natural ingredients that will provide the expected flavor and aroma. Cheap flavoring agents may produce a harsh or artificial flavor, creating an abrasive vaping experience.


The flavor percentage is a critical element of mixing e-juice, as it directly affects the taste quality of the e-liquid. Finding the perfect flavor percent can be challenging, and it is essential to consider factors such as steeping time, climate, and ingredients used.

E-juice is a personal preference, and both the vaper and mixer must experiment with different flavor percentages to find the perfect balance.

Moreover, mixing e-juice requires concentration, accuracy, and precise measurements to create a perfect blend. Although challenging to achieve, finding the perfect flavor percent is rewarding for both the mixer and the vaper. It creates enjoyable vaping experiences, making an e-cigarette more than just an addiction - but a pleasure.

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