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How to taste tobacco-flavored e-liquid—what is the characteristic flavor?

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The biggest difference between tobacco-flavored e-liquid and other e-liquid is the unique sensory experience brought by the characteristic flavor of tobacco. Now, Zinwi will focus on the "characteristic flavor" and continue to explore the essence of "tasting tobacco-flavored e-liquid".

How to taste tobacco-flavored e-liquid—what is the characteristic flavor?

1. The characteristic flavor is the dominant flavor

"Characteristic flavor" refers to the flavor with subjectivity and dominance. The Chinese New National Standard clearly states: "Aerosols should not make the characteristic flavor of the product present other flavors except tobacco." This means that e-liquid must be dominated by tobacco flavor.

Of course, while the tobacco flavor is the dominant flavor, it can also have other flavors attached to the tobacco itself, such as the roasted aroma, milk aroma, bean aroma, etc. that are carried, modulated, and released during the burning process. In addition, other inductive flavors other than tobacco need to be strictly controlled, such as fruits, spices, herbs, alcoholic beverages, candies, vanilla, coolness, etc.

1. The characteristic flavor is the dominant flavor

2. The characteristic flavor of traditional tobacco

How to accurately restore the characteristic flavor close to traditional tobacco is a challenge that all practitioners need to face together. So, how does the characteristic flavor of e-liquid manifest? Let us draw our attention back to traditional tobacco, and the performance of characteristic flavor will become clearer.

So far, the types of tobacco leaves are mainly divided into five categories: burley tobacco, flue-cured tobacco, air-cured tobacco, oriental tobacco, and cigar tobacco. Different types of tobacco leaves have significant differences in characteristic flavor. Among them, burley tobacco leaves are rich in aroma and high in nicotine content, and are mainly used as raw materials for mixed cigarettes; air-dried tobacco is spicy and irritating; cigar tobacco is a kind of air-dried tobacco, and the smoke has a strong cigar aroma; oriental tobacco leaves have strong aroma and pure taste, and are the formula tobacco leaves for the production of mixed cigarettes; flue-cured tobacco has the characteristics of mellow taste and is the main raw material for producing cigarettes in all countries in the world.

Flue-cured tobacco is the type of tobacco with the largest cultivation area in the world. Flue-cured tobacco, also known as fire-pipe flue-cured tobacco, originated from Virginia in the United States and has special morphological characteristics, so it is also called Virginia type. The tobacco leaves represented by different production areas also have completely different characteristic flavors.

In the southwestern plateau ecological region represented by the Yunnan production area, the tobacco leaves produced have a characteristic flavor with a clear and sweet aroma. With the continuous increase of the dimension, the precipitation gradually decreases. In the Huanghuai Plain ecological region represented by Xuchang, the characteristic flavor of the tobacco leaves produced is a prominent burnt sweet aroma, a more obvious burnt aroma, and a slightly resinous aroma. When we look around the world, Zimbabwe, the most famous producing area, has a savannah climate with an average annual temperature of 22°C, which is very suitable for the growth of tobacco leaves. The characteristic flavor of its tobacco leaves is a unique burnt sweet aroma, with a strong and elegant aroma, less miscellaneous and irritating, and it is very effective in flavoring and seasoning in cigarette formulas.

The characteristic flavor of traditional tobacco shows rich characteristic flavor differences due to the different types of tobacco leaves and production areas. In addition, the blended cigarettes have different proportions of various main ingredients such as flue-cured tobacco, burley tobacco, and oriental tobacco, which will also lead to different characteristic flavors. This is the charm of the traditional tobacco flavor and the ultimate goal of the continuous development of tobacco-flavored e-liquid.

3. Zinwi Biotech focuses on the R&D of e-liquid with tobacco characteristic flavor

What is a good tobacco flavored e-liquid? It is not difficult to find that tobacco-flavored e-liquid not only needs to bring a full range of high-quality experience in taste, smell and trigeminal sense, but also needs to have a rich and distinctive characteristic flavor. 

In order to make high-quality tobacco-flavored e-liquid and lead development of the industry, Zinwi Biotech is laying out in multiple dimensions.

1. Professional team empowers R&D

In 2022, Zinwi Biotech took the lead in establishing the world's first Zinwi Biotech (Yunnan) Research Institute focusing on the R&D of tobacco flavors, increased investment in R&D, and formed a high-level talent team. At present, Zinwi Biotech has the largest reserve of professional R&D talents in the industry, and carries out scientific research in the fields of tobacco extract extraction technology, aroma components, aroma performance, etc., laying a solid foundation for the creation of high-quality tobacco-flavored e-liquid.

Zinwi Biotech focuses on the R&D of e-liquid with tobacco characteristic flavor

2. Leaf group with full layers

In order to achieve a rich flavor experience, Zinwi Bio has integrated the leaf group matching method of traditional cigarettes into the flavoring process of e-liquid. Fully integrate the characteristic flavors of various raw materials and combine the proportions, so as to obtain e-liquid with specific flavor and quality requirements. The tobacco-flavored e-liquid created by Zinwi Bio through the leaf group matching method not only has a more stable aroma performance, but also makes the tobacco aroma glow with distinct layered characteristics in the performance of the beginning, middle and end of the tasting, bringing premium sensory experience.

3. Multi-dimensional characteristic flavor

Zinwi Biotech pays close attention to consumer market trends, distinguishes audience groups, and meets various market needs. For experienced cigarette lovers, Zinwi Biotech chooses the e-liquid formula with strong smoke aroma, richness and fullness, and strong throat hit to meet the special needs of users for flavor. For young audiences, Zinwi Biotech has created the e-liquid formula that is less irritating and naturally mellow. 

Zinwi Biotech pays close attention to consumer market trends, distinguishes audience groups, and meets various market needs.

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