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It's the taste and sensation of electronic cigarettes the same as real cigarettes?

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Not entirely.

Firstly, in terms of the form of the smoke, real cigarettes consist of solid particles while electronic cigarettes consist of liquid particles. This means that the taste of electronic cigarettes diffuses faster in the mouth, as solid particles require a dissolution process, while liquid particles do not or have a very rapid dissolution rate.

Secondly, in terms of working temperature, real cigarettes operate at temperatures of over 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius, while electronic cigarettes operate at temperatures around 180 to 220 degrees Celsius. Therefore, electronic cigarettes mostly evaporate and atomize the e-liquid, and the chemical structure does not change. This can be said to be mostly a physical reaction. In contrast, real cigarettes involve combustion, oxidation, and mostly chemical reactions that produce thousands of substances. Therefore, in terms of the complexity of the taste, real cigarettes are more complex.

Lastly, the presence of tar. Tar is an important source of flavor in real cigarettes, but it is absent in electronic cigarettes. Therefore, electronic cigarettes can only simulate or approach the sensation of real cigarettes, but cannot achieve the exact same taste. However, electronic cigarettes do contain the effective component of real cigarettes, nicotine. Therefore, in terms of suppressing nicotine cravings, electronic cigarettes have the same effect as real cigarettes.

s the taste and sensation of electronic cigarettes the same as real cigarettes? - Zinwi

Can electronic cigarettes have the same taste as real cigarettes? What are the electronic cigarettes that have the closest taste to real cigarettes?

Many electronic cigarette brands have launched tobacco-flavored e-cigarette cartridges, but the taste varies between brands. It is recommended to try them out in stores and find the taste that you like.

What other flavors are available under the national standard for electronic cigarettes?

Under the national standard for electronic cigarettes, only tobacco flavor is allowed, and the aerosol should contain nicotine. The "Electronic Cigarette Management Measures" explicitly prohibits the sale of flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco and e-cigarettes that can add aerosols themselves. Based on the regulatory requirements of the "Electronic Cigarette Management Measures" and in line with international regulatory trends, and drawing on international regulatory experience, the national standard for electronic cigarettes proposes scientifically applicable technical content, which is characterized by the following aspects: First, the standard defines electronic cigarettes as "an electronic delivery system used to produce aerosols for people to inhale", which includes electronic cigarettes that do not contain nicotine. Second, since flavored e-cigarettes such as fruit, food, and beverage flavors and e-cigarettes without nicotine are highly attractive to minors and can easily induce them to smoke, the standard clearly stipulates that the product characteristic flavor should not present flavors other than tobacco, and it explicitly requires that "the aerosol should contain nicotine", meaning that e-cigarette products that do not contain nicotine are not allowed to enter the market for sale. Third, based on the principle of using additives, after full safety risk assessment, experimental verification, and extensive solicitation of opinions, the standard clearly lists 101 additives that are allowed to be used and included in the "whitelist" of additives.

Zinwi - Are the tobacco-flavored e-cigarette cartridges good to smoke?

Are the tobacco-flavored e-cigarette cartridges good to smoke?

Some cartridges have natural herbal aroma with a fresh and sweet aftertaste, a smooth vapor and a moderate taste.

Some cartridges have a mild hit, relatively soft and come with some fragrance. But all maintain a certain throat hit, you can try them out in the store to find the one that suits you.

Do real and fake vape cartridges taste different?

There is a significant difference in the taste of real and fake vape cartridges of different brands, and there are several ways to distinguish between them.

Firstly, the brand cartridges usually have anti-counterfeiting measures, which can be verified on the brand's official website.

Secondly, the appearance and internal structure are different. The curvature, texture, air intake design, and heating core design of the cartridges can be compared with the genuine ones to determine if they are authentic.

Real cartridges: the plastic film has a smooth feel, good transparency, and good glossiness.

Fake cartridges: poor glossiness and transparency when viewed through the thin film.

Finally, the taste is different. Real cartridges have a stable formula and flavor, while fake cartridges have a less authentic flavor, and their taste, aroma, and throat hit vary significantly.

Zinwi - Do real and fake vape cartridges taste different?

The flavor of tobacco-flavored cartridges is still somewhat different from that of real cigarettes. Compared with other nicotine replacement methods, tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes are the closest to smoking habits. Users also use them by inhaling, so compared with other methods, they are more likely to satisfy smokers' psychological cravings. However, whether someone can successfully quit smoking depends on their own willpower, which is the most crucial factor.

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