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What type of garbage does e-cigarette belong to in waste classification?

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As we all know, e-cigarettes are composed of two main components: e-cigarette hardware and e-liquid cartridges. Like heat-not-burn e-cigarettes, the hardware of e-cigarettes belongs to electronic waste. E-liquid cartridges are a type of waste that is difficult to classify. The main body of the cartridge is usually made of plastic, which can be recycled; the atomizer core belongs to electronic waste; and the organic cotton soaked in e-liquid is dry waste. A single cartridge contains three types of waste, and because the structure of the cartridge cannot be disassembled, it makes classification difficult.

Currently, there are mainly two types of e-cigarettes on the market: heat-not-burn e-cigarettes represented by IQOS, and e-liquid e-cigarettes (electronic nicotine delivery systems) that are popular in the market.

What type of garbage does e-cigarette belong to in waste classification? - Zinwi

Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes include e-cigarette hardware and tobacco cartridges. The working principle is similar to that of traditional tobacco, but the harmfulness of tobacco is reduced by heating it at a high temperature without igniting it. It is relatively easy to classify: e-cigarette hardware can be classified as electronic waste, and tobacco cartridges are similar to ordinary cigarette butts and can be classified as dry waste.

The e-liquid cartridges of e-liquid e-cigarettes have not yet been clearly classified, so they are usually placed in dry waste bins (similar to the treatment of lighters and other items). This practice is believed to be due to the difficulty of accurately classifying the cartridges. Waste classification is aimed at protecting the environment and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Widely circulated science education materials indicate that waste recycling and reuse is the most ideal way to handle waste compared to traditional waste disposal methods such as landfill, composting, and incineration. To maximize the use of waste resources, classification is the first step, which can separate waste containing harmful substances from other waste for separate treatment, further protecting the environment.

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Waste classification aims to protect the environment and promote a healthier lifestyle. Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not burn and do not produce cigarette ash or sparks, so they are less likely to cause fire incidents.

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