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What do NTP, ENDS, and HNB mean in the electronic cigarette industry?

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Every industry has a lot of professional terms, they may confuse many people. For example, in the electronic cigarette industry, do you know what NTP, ENDS, and HNB stand for? It is estimated that 90% of electronic cigarette users do not even know the meaning of these terms.


NTP stands for "New Tobacco Products." Another term is NGP, which stands for "New Generation Products." In public occasions, tobacco organizations and companies at home and abroad prefer to use the latter, perhaps to avoid the sensitive word "tobacco" and avoid controversy.

New tobacco products are a new type of reduced-harm and quasi-substitute tobacco products. Compared with traditional cigarette products, there are many types of new tobacco products, and the types are constantly increasing with the continuous development of technology. Currently, new tobacco products are mainly divided into three categories: aerosol/vapor electronic cigarettes, heated non-combustible tobacco products, and smokeless tobacco products.

Many people classify both aerosol/vapor electronic cigarettes and heated non-combustible tobacco products into electronic cigarettes, which is inaccurate. From an official perspective, heated non-combustible tobacco products and aerosol/vapor electronic cigarettes are both classified as new tobacco products.

Currently, heated non-combustible tobacco products and aerosol/vapor electronic cigarettes are the two most popular types of new tobacco products worldwide. Their biggest difference is that the former's cartridges contain specially formulated tobacco ingredients, while the latter's core ingredient is nicotine extract, which is currently mainly extracted from tobacco.

What do NTP, ENDS, and HNB mean in the electronic cigarette industry? - Zinwi


ENDS is the English acronym for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, which is translated as vaporized or steam-type electronic cigarettes in Chinese. The working principle of this electronic device is to use an atomizer to convert the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into vapor, thus achieving the effect of smoking.

Currently, there are many brands of vaporized electronic cigarettes on the market, including foreign brands such as JUUL and domestic brands like Yooz. In China, popular e-cigarette brands are also mainly vaporized electronic cigarettes, which add various flavors to attract consumers. There are more than 100 e-cigarette manufacturers, including brands like Yooz, Shanlan, Yuzu, Lingxi, Longwu, Mod, Yishuang, Yiwu, Mod, Xiaoye, Fulu, Xike, Xiwu, Bingke, Jier, Beiye, Weita, Meike, Muker, Fugou, Yingzhuo, Fanyu, Yinwei, Guyun, Whale Light Smoke, Xinyan, Huabo, Yixiu, Tubo, Bolan, Bode, Jixiang, Huanxiang, and so on.

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HNB, the English acronym for Heat Not Burning Tobacco Products (devices), is translated as heated non-burning tobacco products (vaporized tobacco products) in Chinese. Its working principle is to insert the cartridge into a low-temperature roaster, which heats the tobacco at a low temperature of about 300℃ under the action of the heating sheet, thus obtaining a real tobacco flavor and taste similar to traditional cigarettes, without producing vapor like e-cigarettes. As heated non-burning tobacco products have a taste closer to traditional cigarettes, they are widely welcomed in the market.

Currently, heated non-burning tobacco products represented by IQOS from Philip Morris International (PMI) are gradually popularized worldwide. In addition, international tobacco giants such as Korean cigarette manufacturer KT&G's lil, British American Tobacco's glo, and Japan Tobacco's Ploom have also launched corresponding products. In China, domestic cigarette companies such as Sichuan Tobacco's Kuanzhai Gongfu, Yunnan Tobacco's MC, Guangdong Tobacco's MU+, Hubei Tobacco's MOK, and Heilongjiang Tobacco's LOPATO have launched corresponding products, while some private enterprises such as Guojianhua Cigarettes, Yanwa Technology, Bodi, Green Yunda, Shunbao Technology, Avbadie, Ruigu Technology, Niwo Technology, etc. have also launched their own heated non-burning tobacco products.

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