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What should beginners pay attention to when using electronic cigarettes?

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For beginners, there are some things to keep in mind when using an electronic cigarette to avoid unnecessary trouble or a poor user experience:

1. Choose the appropriate electronic cigarette model based on your smoking habits and flavor preferences.

2. Use the original charger when charging, and avoid using incompatible chargers to prevent safety issues such as overheating or explosion of the battery.

3. Follow the instructions for using the electronic cigarette and avoid lifting the tail of the cigarette too high.

The atomizer is usually located at the bottom of the oil tank, and lifting the tail of the cigarette too high can prevent the atomizer from fully enveloping the oil, causing the atomizer to clog and affecting the taste and degree of atomization of the oil. Additionally, lifting the tail too high can cause the oil to leak from the mouthpiece, affecting the user experience.

What should beginners pay attention to when using electronic cigarettes? - Zinwi

4. Avoid excessive smoking, avoid taking big puffs, and do not use continuously for too long, to prevent excessive battery consumption or damage to the electronic cigarette.

When smoking, avoid sucking too hard, as it may not produce smoke. When sucking too hard, the e-liquid may be sucked directly into your mouth without being vaporized by the atomizer if it hits a leaking atomizer. Therefore, gently inhaling will produce more smoke.

5. When storing, pay attention to keeping it dry and clean, and try to avoid contact with water to prevent oil leakage or poor battery contact.

Currently, most e-cigarettes on the market do not have waterproof functions, and the electrode connection between the cartridge and the cigarette holder is still exposed. Therefore, when using e-cigarettes, it is best not to let them come into contact with water to avoid short-circuiting the cigarette holder and affecting the lifespan of the e-cigarette.

6. Avoid placing the electronic cigarette in high or low temperature environments to avoid affecting its performance.

During the hot summer weather, do not forget to leave the electronic cigarette in the car, as high temperatures can be dangerous. The main components of the electronic cigarette are batteries, and high temperatures can cause battery failures, or even more serious accidents.

7. Do not disassemble the e-cigarette casually to avoid damaging the internal structure of the e-cigarette.

8. If any abnormal situation occurs, such as battery leakage or circuit malfunction, you should immediately stop using it and consult a professional.

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