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What problems can Zinwi Biotech solve? Achieving standardized customization of e-liquid in nine steps

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From getting to know Zinwi Biotech, to understanding Zinwi Biotech, from choosing Zinwi Biotech, to liking Zinwi Biotech, this process requires a total of nine steps.

These nine steps embody the standards and professionalism of Zhenwei's business processes. They demonstrate Zhenwei's persistence in prioritizing products and serving customers, and they reflect Zhenwei's development pulse of pursuing quality and professionalism.

1. Consultation on requirements:

Understand the customer's needs, combine market research and service experience, propose professional suggestions, and develop ODM/OEM customized solutions.

2. E-liquid blending:

Organize a professional and efficient product development team to carry out standardized, customized, and refined product development.

3. Order placement and project initiation:

A dedicated project-based service team provides customers with all-round services, with personnel covering departments such as market, research and development, design, and compliance. The team collaborates to ensure thoughtful, efficient, and stable service.

4. Intelligent production:

Build a pharmaceutical-grade GMP clean workshop, ensure high standards, efficiency, and quality product delivery through intelligent production equipment and standardized production processes.

5. Quality inspection:

A CNAS-certified laboratory equipped with a professional and rigorous whole-process quality control system and high-precision detection standards ensures product quality and stability.

6. Scientific storage:

The intelligent warehouse and digital system enable refined and standardized management and continuously provide stable and safe storage conditions. The whole process operation record can track the circulation of goods in real-time and reduce external influences.

7. Efficient delivery:

With a global logistics and transportation capability, the "one-stop" delivery system enables products to be delivered quickly and timely to customers worldwide.

8. Global services:

Zhenwei has a global customer service center, serving more than 400 global customers and 300 global brands, and has been recognized by major global famous brand customers for its excellent service and reputation.

9. Multidimensional empowerment:

Based on e-liquid, Zhenwei continuously increases investment and explores multidimensional dimensions such as research and development and marketing, helping customers to achieve comprehensive brand empowerment.

Zhenwei's nine steps are not only a service, a standard, or a business, but also a profession. With the initial aspiration, persistent efforts, firm beliefs, and a promising future of the nine steps, walking alongside Zhenwei will give you a natural and authentic experience.

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