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How to Blow Smoke Rings with an E-cigarette? Step-by-Step Tutorial

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If you want to blow smoke rings while using an e-cigarette, get ready with your e-cigarette device, and I will teach you how to master the impressive skill of blowing smoke rings.

Skill 1: Blowing Regular Smoke Rings with an E-cigarette

Inhale the smoke partially. Let the smoke stay in your throat, not just in your mouth. This may take some practice and could cause coughing.

Curl your tongue towards the back of your throat. Close your mouth and roll up your tongue, positioning it as close to the bottom of your mouth as possible, to allow the smoke to pass through your lips easily.

Make an "O" shape with your mouth. At the same time, purse your lips tightly into an "O" shape, like making a "whoo" sound, with a comfortable size for your mouth. Don't make it too tight, leave some space between your lips. At this point, people will find you interesting without knowing what you are going to do.

Push out a small amount of smoke. How to do it? The best way to describe it is like making a sound after being choked, where your throat tightens and air is squeezed out. You will feel some pressure, and the smoke will quickly come out. No need to use your vocal cords here. The only difference from being choked is that the sound from your throat will be lower. Try not to breathe, keep your chin still, and push out a small amount of air from your throat. Once you have mastered this skill, blowing smoke rings becomes easy. When a small amount of air is pushed out from your mouth, keep the shape of your lips unchanged. The most challenging part of blowing smoke rings comes now. Make sure your tongue is positioned at the back of your mouth, where it can hold enough smoke to form a smoke ring, and then exhale fully to blow the smoke out.

How to Blow Smoke Rings with an E-cigarette? Step-by-Step Tutorial - Zinwi

Skill  2: Use an e-cigarette to blow smoke rings and improve their rotation and speed.

After mastering the basic skills, you can try blowing spinning smoke rings. When you feel the smoke is about to leave your mouth, move your tongue forward while keeping the tip of your tongue down. Do not let the tip of your tongue be higher than your teeth, as it will affect the smoke ring. Imagine your tongue as a conveyor belt. At the same time, lift your chin slightly and quickly tighten your lips inward. This will create a "spin" effect on the smoke ring, helping it to stay together and form a dense and beautiful smoke ring.

Try quickly pushing your tongue forward while also extending your chin forward, which will make the smoke rings move faster and farther. These two movements are the last two movements to create an "O" shape smoke ring. The difference from the spinning technique is that here the chin moves forward, while in the spinning technique the chin moves upward. Try to keep the tip of your tongue constantly against the front gum of your lower jaw, and only push the center of your tongue forward. The most difficult part of this smoke ring technique to master is the movement of the chin. It requires gradual understanding and comprehension. This skill needs to be practiced multiple times, but once mastered, you will be a master of blowing smoke rings that look seamless.

Use your lips to affect the distance the smoke ring travels. If you quickly tighten your lips when closing and opening your glottis, the smoke ring will move faster. Further tightening of the lips will make the smoke ring travel faster and farther. However, do not tighten your lips too much or too quickly. Timing is crucial, as tightening too quickly may result in much smaller smoke rings than expected.

Skill 3: Quick Method for Beginners to Blow Smoke Rings with an E-cigarette

When blowing smoke rings with an e-cigarette, you can tap your cheek lightly. Although some people consider this "cheating," this method does not require mastery of throat techniques and allows you to easily and effectively blow small smoke rings. Gather the smoke in your mouth, but do not inhale. Shape your lips into a small "O" shape. Use your tongue and mouth to skillfully and smoothly blow out the smoke while gently tapping or tapping your cheek. A small smoke ring will appear with each tap on the cheek! You can tap continuously or leave a certain distance between two taps.

You can also try pushing the smoke rings with your tongue. Basically, you only use your tongue to push the smoke rings out of your mouth without "blowing". Curl your tongue back, with the tip of your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, forming an inverted "U" shape. Use the flat surface of your tongue to quickly push the smoke out of your mouth. Complete this action by moving the tip of your tongue at the bottom of your mouth while ensuring the integrity of the inverted "U" shape. The smoke rings formed in this way are relatively small and short in duration, but they are very easy to do.

Pro Tip: If there is a lot of activity around you, any type of wind or air movement can make it difficult to form smoke rings. In this case, try finding a more suitable location in the room, confirm the direction of air movement, and then blow smoke rings in the opposite direction, which will be more effective. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you see the shape of the smoke rings clearly, how they move, and the effect of your mouth on them. Learning how to blow perfect smoke rings requires patience. You may not be able to do it perfectly at once, and achieving perfection requires a lot of useful practice time. Blowing smoke rings outdoors is also possible, but you need to be mindful of the wind, as it can easily disrupt the formation of complete smoke rings. Just consider the physical direction of forming smoke ring circles (vortices), and then blow in the direction of the wind to succeed.

To make a small smoke ring pass through a large smoke ring, simply carefully consider the direction and speed of the smoke ring's movement. First, blow a smoke ring carefully, keeping its shape and moving slowly, then narrow your lips and blow out a smaller smoke ring. This smaller smoke ring should move faster, and if it doesn't, pucker your lips to make it move faster. This way, the skill can be easily achieved! For beginners, a simple method to maintain the speed and accuracy of smoke rings is to stick out your chin instead of pushing the air into the valve. When blowing smoke rings, try to avoid letting your tongue obstruct them, as it will disrupt the rotation of the smoke rings. Place your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, relax it without exerting force. The speed at which the smoke rings move depends on how forcefully you delay the sound of "Hmm" with your diaphragm. To achieve this, you need to use your diaphragm to push the smoke into your throat, just like when you are short of breath or coughing.

Note: Blowing smoke rings towards someone's face is very impolite.

When practicing blowing smoke rings with an e-cigarette, it is not advisable to practice for too long each time, as it may cause discomfort. Practice blowing smoke rings with control. Once you master the basic techniques, you can try more advanced tricks and enjoy the fun of vaping.

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