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How long a coil lasts? Can it be washed with water?

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How long a coil lasts and whether it can be washed with water depends on the type of coil used and various factors, such as frequency of use, composition of the e-liquid, and usage environment. Generally, a coil can last for several weeks to a month, but its actual lifespan needs to be determined based on individual circumstances. It is recommended to replace the coil regularly to maintain optimal performance.

As for whether the coil can be washed with water, it depends on the type of coil. Some coils can be washed with water, while others cannot. Before cleaning the coil, it is best to check the relevant instructions or consult a professional. In addition, it is not recommended to clean the coil excessively, as this may affect its lifespan and performance.

How long a coil lasts?

When beginners first encounter electronic cigarettes, they often have various questions. Electronic cigarettes may seem simple - the battery provides power, the heating coil heats up, and the e-liquid evaporates to produce vapor. Some drip atomizers use complex heating coil structures, which are difficult to make. Therefore, some players remove the cotton after using it for a period of time, dry burn the coil, and then rinse it with tap water repeatedly to remove the carbon deposits on the coil surface and make it clean as new. After adjusting the heating evenly, new cotton can be inserted for normal use. The main purpose of cleaning the atomizer is to remove the carbon deposits on the coil surface. It is not practical to remove the cotton and dry burn the coil on pre-made coils, and washing with water alone has limited effect on removing carbon deposits. In addition, burnt cotton is ineffective, so it is not necessary to try and will only waste time.

How long a coil lasts? Can it be washed with water? - Zinwi

What factors affect the lifespan of atomizer coils?

The lifespan of atomizer coils, whether they are pre-made or self-built RBAs, is not fixed and varies depending on the user's vaping habits. For the same atomizer and coil, some people may use it for half a month while others can only use it for three days. So what factors affect the lifespan of atomizer coils?

A. Power: Atomizer coils have a certain range of power that they can withstand, which is usually marked on the coil's casing. For example, the marking of "1.6Ω, 8-15W" means that the resistance value of the pre-made coil is 1.6Ω, and the recommended power range by the manufacturer is 8W-15W. Users can find their favorite flavor within this power range.

B. E-liquid: The biggest impact of e-liquid on the lifespan of atomizer coils is "carbon deposition." E-liquid is conveyed to the coil through cotton, and vapor is produced after the coil is heated. However, the high temperature on the coil can also cause black substance, commonly known as "carbon deposition." Although the basic components of e-liquid are the same, the raw materials and additives of each brand of e-liquid are different, which can cause different rates of carbon deposition.

How long can atomizer coils last?

The cost of using an electronic cigarette depends on the lifespan of the atomizer coil, and the price of most pre-made atomizer coils is around 30 yuan (the price of atomizer coils may vary depending on the brand and model, please refer to the merchant's price). Generally, the lifespan of pre-made atomizer coils should be around 7 days to half a month. However, due to different frequencies of use and e-liquids used by each person, the lifespan of atomizer coils may vary. As for RBA atomizer coils, their lifespan varies greatly due to different usage habits. Some people like to replace them daily or even after using one tank of e-liquid, while others replace them every 3-5 days. Of course, there are also "lazy" people who only replace the atomizer coils every half a month or even a month as long as they can vape, but often find that the condition of the coil is "horrifying" when they replace it.

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