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How to Replace the Cotton Wick in Your E-Cigarette: A Simple 3-Step Guide

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Despite the popularity of pod systems nowadays, there are still many e-cigarette enthusiasts who enjoy DIY atomizers. But what if you need to replace the cotton wick in your DIY atomizer? Don't worry, the following steps will introduce you to a simple 3-step method!

Prepare commonly used cotton wicks, such as Unbleached Cotton from Muji. Use scissors to cut the cotton into a specific shape, but do not cut it completely, leaving a little bit on top. Cut about 14 to 15 cotton wicks depending on the diameter of your atomizer. For example, if the diameter is 3.5mm, you can use 14 cotton wicks, and if the diameter is 3.0mm, you can use 15 cotton wicks.

Do not discard the used heating wire, as it can be used as a tool. Remove the non-woven fabric from both sides of the cotton wick, fold the cotton wick in half, and then fold the heating wire in half as well, preparing for threading.

Place the heating wire right in the middle of the cotton wick, and then gently pull the cotton wick horizontally to make it loose. It doesn't need to be too neat, as the requirements for mouth-to-lung wicking are not high. And that's it, you're done!

How to Replace the Cotton Wick in Your E-Cigarette: A Simple 3-Step Guide - Zinwi

Some people may say that this method may not be accurate because different atomizers have different structures, and improper control of cotton amount may result in cotton clogging the coil and leaking e-liquid. However, in reality, I have used this method on 11 mouth-to-lung atomizers without any issues, as long as I follow the size corresponding to the diameter of the atomizer as mentioned above and do not use excessively high wattage. As for e-liquid leaking, simply blocking the juice holes with cotton is enough, there is no need to fill the cotton chamber completely. Based on my experiments, this method can also be used on high vapor production atomizers with coil resistance above 0.4 ohms and wattage set to as high as 4.5V without any problems.

This method is the simplest and most efficient way to thread cotton. Compared to traditional methods, it does not require scissors or thinning the cotton ends, only prepared cotton is needed. When replacement is needed, simply tear off a piece of cotton, rinse the atomizer with water, and replace the cotton, very easy!

In addition, it should be noted that the frequency of replacing the e-cigarette cotton should be determined based on the color of the purchased e-liquid. If you want to simplify the process, choose e-liquids with lighter color and less carbon deposition as much as possible. For users who prefer dark-colored e-liquids, it is recommended to replace the cotton every 3 days to avoid unexpected situations. For users who use e-cigarettes less frequently, replacing the cotton approximately once a week is sufficient, and if the cotton becomes clogged accidentally, it should be replaced immediately.

Regularly replacing the cotton does not have any negative effects, but instead allows you to enjoy the freshest flavor and improve your proficiency in using e-cigarettes. The experience we accumulate in the process of using e-cigarettes is obtained through disassembly and replacement, which can enhance our skills and make us become experts in using e-cigarettes in the future.

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