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The overall working principle of the Pod system for electronic atomized smoke

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In recent years, the electronic cigarette industry has rapidly innovated, with various new technologies and improved electronic cigarette devices emerging. Among them, the Pod system is one of the latest engineering achievements that has gained significant attention from the target audience. For those who are new to Pod system electronic cigarettes, the way these systems work may be confusing. Below, we will reveal all the details of how these systems work and explain the differences between closed and open Pod systems, to help you determine if this updated style is suitable for you.

What is a Pod system?

A Pod system is an electronic cigarette that uses a small container called a "Pod" instead of the traditional tank and atomizer of other electronic cigarette models. Essentially, their function is the same as tanks and atomizers, but they are more portable and discreet.

Compared to other electronic cigarette products, Pod systems are relatively new. However, since the introduction of Pod systems, they have created a niche market in the electronic cigarette industry.

Most Pods have a small liquid capacity, usually around 1-2 milliliters, although there are also some Pods with larger liquid capacity.

The components of a Pod system are usually installed at the top or bottom of the device, and can be easily removed when the liquid is used up or when you want to change flavors.

Overall, Pod systems are more compact than other electronic cigarette models, including battery and liquid capacity. Due to their smaller size, the battery life of these models is also shorter.

In these systems, automatic operation is usually adopted, producing atomization effects simply by inhaling, but there are also some that may offer manual button operation, similar to traditional electronic cigarette mods.

When these new systems first appeared, they were relatively simple in design. However, over time, more advanced devices have appeared on the market, which retain the compactness and ease of use of Pod systems while providing more functions.

The overall working principle of the Pod system for electronic atomized smoke - Zinwi

How does a Pod system work?

An electronic cigarette relies primarily on two basic components to function: the Pod and the battery. When you activate the vaporization device by inhaling on the mouthpiece, these two parts communicate with each other and work together to deliver vapor to your mouth. Here's the role of each component:

The Pod, also known by various names such as cartridge, top cap, atomizer, or simply a refillable container, is a part of the electronic cigarette located at the top of the system. It contains e-liquid and nicotine that are used to produce vapor. Most electronic cigarettes come with pre-filled Pods, but you can still find some that offer refillable systems, allowing you to fill the Pod with your own e-liquid as needed.

Another component inside the Pod is the atomizer, which is made up of a small metal tube. When you inhale on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer turns the e-liquid into vapor. It sends a signal to the electronic cigarette, which then sends energy to the atomizer to heat and vaporize the e-liquid. (Note that some people may refer to these components as two separate parts: the top Pod and the bottom atomizer.)

The battery, in theory, is much simpler than the Pod. The battery used in this system is usually slim and smooth. The battery's job is to determine if you are inhaling on the electronic cigarette, so it knows when to use power and when to store it.

The battery can accomplish this task through two different methods, creating two types of batteries:

Automatic battery: These batteries do not have any buttons. Simply inhale on the mouthpiece, and the electronic cigarette will activate the battery.

Manual battery: Manual batteries have a button that you can press to ignite the electronic cigarette and make the device work.

Pod batteries are simple devices that can be charged using most USB chargers or wireless charging docks.

These two components work together to constitute the working mechanism of a Pod system. When the user places their lips on the mouthpiece and starts inhaling (or presses the ignition button on a manual battery), the system sends a signal to the battery, which delivers power to the Pod, activating the atomizer to heat and transform the e-liquid into vapor for the user to inhale.

The advantages and disadvantages of Pod System E-cigarettes

Many e-cigarette users choose Pod System E-cigarettes over other options because this type of e-cigarette has the following significant advantages:

Compact and portable: Pod System E-cigarettes are small and slim, making them easy to fit in pockets and carry on the go. The design also allows them to be discreetly hidden in inconspicuous locations, avoiding awkward protrusions from pockets.

Easy to use: The design of Pod System E-cigarettes makes them more intuitive to use, with vapor being produced simply by inhaling. Additionally, replacing pods is the easiest part of closed pod systems, reducing the chances of mistakes.

Affordable: Once the battery is purchased, only a new pod needs to be bought when the battery is depleted, without the need for additional parts or maintenance, saving costs.

Discreetness: Pod System E-cigarettes are more compact compared to larger box-shaped e-cigarettes and provide a mild vapor flow, making it less noticeable to people around, protecting the user's privacy.

Satisfying: Pod System E-cigarettes offer a satisfying vaping experience with high-intensity e-liquids and an intuitive inhalation process, satisfying the user's oral and throat cravings.

However, Pod System E-cigarettes are not the ideal choice for every user, and some common complaints include:

Small battery: Pod System E-cigarettes typically use smaller batteries, resulting in shorter battery life. Although most batteries are only used when inhaling, the battery life can be depleted quickly, requiring frequent recharging.

Higher nicotine content: Pod System E-cigarettes perform better with e-liquids containing higher nicotine levels, but due to restrictions on nicotine by the European TPD, most high-nicotine e-liquids need to be purchased from outside of Europe.

Lower vapor production: If users enjoy producing large dense clouds of vapor, using Pod System E-cigarettes may not provide the same satisfaction as their vapor production is lower.

Limited flavor options: Closed pod systems mean that users can only choose from disposable pods provided by manufacturers, resulting in relatively limited flavor options. However, high-quality closed pods can now be found online for selection.

Types of Pod System E-cigarettes

There are two main types of pods for electronic cigarettes to choose from: closed systems and open systems. The main difference between them is how the e-liquid is delivered to the rest of the heating device. Open system pods can be opened, filled, and reused, while closed system pods cannot be filled and need to be disposed of once the e-liquid is depleted (referred to as disposable cartridges).

Open system pods for e-cigarettes are easy to fill, as they usually have an easily accessible top and a large enough opening to add more e-liquid without making a mess. The main advantage of this type of e-cigarette system is that it can be customized according to personal taste preferences, as you can use a variety of different e-liquids, providing almost endless options, not limited to pre-filled pods.

In addition, some users notice that the vaping experience with open system pods is smoother and produces larger, denser clouds of vapor. However, open systems also require more maintenance, such as regular charging and replacement of pods and coils, and may be larger and less convenient to carry, which may require some adjustment for beginners.

Closed system pods for e-cigarettes are similar to cartridges, using pre-filled e-liquid cartridges. Once the e-liquid in a cartridge is used up, users simply need to dispose of it and replace it with a new cartridge, making the refilling and replacement process simple and convenient. Closed system pods for e-cigarettes require lower maintenance, as users only need to purchase new pre-filled cartridges, without needing to replace coils or maintain tanks.

However, closed systems also have some drawbacks, such as some users complaining of weak suction or the possibility of e-liquid in the cartridge causing "spitback," where e-liquid bounces back from the coil into the user's mouth without properly evaporating.

Whether you're drawn to e-cigarettes because of the updates in new models or as an experienced vaper interested in trying new things, pod systems (whether open or closed) offer a unique, convenient, and user-friendly vaping experience that is highly appealing.

After gaining a better understanding of how e-cigarettes work and the pros and cons of closed and open pod systems, you should now have a good idea of whether or not to try the next pod system.

In summary, if you're looking for an intuitive, user-friendly, and affordable e-cigarette, you should consider the pod systems available on the market today. However, if you're more interested in customizing your own e-liquid blends, higher nicotine levels, and generating large clouds of vapor, then you may prefer to continue using your box mod or vape pen.

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