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How much e liquid can i take on a plane

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For electronic cigarette users who are traveling by air, one of the most common questions that come to mind is how much e-liquid can I take on a plane? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might think. The amount of e-liquid that you can take with you on a plane depends on several factors, including the airline rules, the country, and the type of e-liquid. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information on e-liquid and its related rules when traveling by air.

Understanding E-Liquid

E-liquid, sometimes referred to as e-juice, is a solution that is used to fill electronic cigarette tanks. The liquid is usually made of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), or a combination of both. It also contains varying levels of nicotine depending on the user's preference. E-liquids come in different flavors that can range from fruity to tobacco flavors.

Why is an E-liquid Restrictions Imposed When Traveling by Air?

While e-liquid may be legal in most countries, it has some restrictions on air travel. The primary concern is the safety of other passengers aboard the plane. There have been concerns about the risk of electronic cigarettes exploding, as well as the potential for nicotine poisoning of people sitting nearby.

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Airline Rules for E-Liquid

All airlines have their e-liquid rules, and it is essential to check the rules of the airline you will be using before making travel arrangements. Most airlines allow passengers to carry e-liquids in their carry-on bags or personal items. However, the amount of e-liquid permitted on the plane is limited to 100 ml or 100 g total per container. This limit is in place to prevent the e-liquid from being used to create explosives on the plane.

Containers for E-Liquid

When traveling with e-liquid, it is essential to ensure that the containers are leak-proof. Also, the containers should be carried in a clear plastic bag with dimensions of approximately 20 x 20 cm and should hold a maximum of 1 liter of liquids. Each passenger is limited to one plastic bag.

Carrying Extra E-Liquid

It is possible to carry extra bottles of e-liquid when traveling by air. However, the bottles must not exceed 100 ml and must be placed in the checked luggage. Remember to pack these bottles in a leak-proof container, and if possible, in the original packaging to avoid any potential misunderstandings with airport officials.

E-Liquid Laws Vary By Country

Different countries have their restrictions when it comes to e-liquids. Some countries may not allow e-liquids altogether, and others may have specific rules regarding the conditions for carrying e-liquids. Therefore, e-cigarette users must research and find out the e-liquids' allowed amounts and other conditions for carrying them before traveling.

How To Pack E-Liquid for Air Travel

Before traveling with e-liquid, you should prepare by packing the e-liquid appropriately. Here are some tips to help you pack your e-liquid.

- Use a plastic bag: it is essential to pack e-liquids in a plastic bag to avoid any leakage.

- Place the bag in your carry-on luggage or hand luggage: Always ensure that you carry the plastic bag with you at all times. Airlines require that passengers put the plastic bags in their carry-on baggage or hand luggage.

- Check rules and regulations: Before packing your e-liquid, ensure that you are familiar with the airline rules and regulations regarding the amount you can carry.

- Choose the right containers: The containers used to pack e-liquid should be leak-proof, durable, and easy to transport. The containers should also have a maximum capacity of 100 ml.

- Pack the containers securely: When packing the containers, ensure that they are placed in an upright position, and the lids are tightly screwed on.

- Label the containers: It is essential to label the containers with the name of the e-liquid, its nicotine concentration level, and any other necessary information.


When traveling by air, it is essential to understand the rules and regulations regarding e-liquids. Different airlines have different rules regarding the amount and type of e-liquid that can be carried. It is also important to remember that each country may have specific rules regarding e-liquids. As an e-cigarette user, it is crucial to be familiar with the airline and country rules to avoid any legal problems. Always be prepared to pack e-liquid using leak-proof containers and label them accordingly. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy your e-cigarette while traveling without breaking any rules or risking the safety of other passengers on board.

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