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What is nicotine salt?

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2019 was the first year of the rise of the mini e-cigarette trend, and all kinds of mini e-cigarette devices appeared on the market like mushrooms after a rain. A new mini e-cigarette technology - nicotine salt, quietly appeared. Unlike traditional e-cigarette oil, nicotine salt is used as the raw material for e-liquid, with higher concentration, stronger kick, and better taste.

Zinwi - What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is actually relative to free-base nicotine (nicotine solution). The common e-liquids we use contain free-base nicotine. Nicotine salt is actually a more stable molecule formed by the combination of nicotine and organic substances. Compared with ordinary e-liquids, nicotine salt is more stable and less volatile, and the nicotine in nicotine salt e-liquids is more easily absorbed by the human body. Nicotine salt has a smoother throat hit, so even if the nicotine content is high, it won't be harsh on the throat. This way, we can get a great sense of satisfaction without having to take many puffs. Moreover, with a higher concentration, the volume can be smaller, making it more convenient to carry and put in your pocket. The shelf life of the e-liquid is also long, making it very suitable for the design of small vaping devices.

Zinwi - What is nicotine salt made of?

What is nicotine salt made of?

Synthesizing nicotine and its salts involves using organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry theory, and using appropriate chemical reagents as starting materials, obtaining them through a series of chemically oriented reactions under specific reaction conditions. In other words, organic ketones are condensed into organic alcohols in alkaline conditions through two-step reactions under certain conditions. Then, the second step is reduced to the target product under the conditions of a reducing agent, and the final product is obtained.

Zinwi - Does nicotine salt cause a head rush?

Does nicotine salt cause a head rush?

Yes, it can cause a head rush. Nicotine-containing e-liquids produce vapor that contains nicotine. When inhaled, the vapor and oxygen compete for absorption in the lungs, leading to less oxygen in the bloodstream that is delivered to the brain. Nicotine and other compounds in the vapor can also stimulate the brain, causing dizziness and other symptoms, resulting in an immediate "head rush."

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