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How long does Sub-ohm ejuice last?

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Electronic cigarettes have revolutionized the way people smoke. Vaping has been the go-to alternative for traditional smoking because it’s safer, and less harmful. E-cigarettes have brought about a drastic change in the way people take nicotine and the vaping experience. Sub-ohm tanks have become the preferred hardware for vaping enthusiasts, but how long does the e-juice last when used on them?

Sub-ohm Tank and e-juice consumption

Sub-ohm tanks are the newest hardware on the vaping market that have been changing the game for vapers. These tanks are known for their ability to produce massive clouds of vapor. Sub-ohm tanks are designed to operate within a range of 0.1ohm to 0.5ohm resistance, making it possible for the vaper to push more wattage to the coil, producing more vape and great flavors. However, the consumption of e-juice on sub-ohm tanks is higher compared to regular tanks.

E-juice is what fuels any given vape device, and it's essential to maintain a steady supply. When vaping on a sub-ohm tank, you will notice that the liquid gets consumed much faster than in a traditional tank. The rate of consumption depends on factors such as wattage, coil type, and the vaper's overall vaping habits. The higher the wattage, the more juice consumed, and for individuals who sub-ohm constantly throughout the day, they can expect to use more e-juice than those using traditional tanks.

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E-juice Shelf Life

E-juice is made up of different components, including Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine, and more. Although e-juice is designed to last a long time without going bad, there are a few things to keep in mind. E-juice doesn't last forever; it has a shelf life that depends on several factors, including ingredients, storage, and exposure to light and air.

The shelf life of most e-juices is approximately two years from the date of manufacture. However, this could vary depending on various factors. For instance, it would be best to store e-juice in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Storing e-juice in the fridge can extend its shelf life, but the e-juice should be sealed and kept away from any moisture during storage to avoid dilution.

Factors Affecting e-juice Consumption

Sub-ohm vaping can be an expensive undertaking, considering the high rate of consumption of e-juice. Various factors determine how long a vaper can use a bottle of e-juice when sub-ohming. It's crucial to note that the rate of consumption is subjective, and it varies from person to person. The following are the primary factors that determine how long an e-juice bottle can last:

Wattage: Sub-ohm tanks are designed for high wattage vaping. Higher wattages require more juice per draw, leading to a higher consumption rate for those who run their tank at higher wattages. Sub-ohming at higher wattages requires the vaper to refill the tank more often, leading to more e-juice consumption.

Tank Size: Sub-ohm tanks come in various sizes, and the larger the tank's capacity, the longer it will last between refills. Tanks with 5ml or more juice capacity will last longer than those with smaller tank sizes, reducing the number of times one needs to refill their tank.

Coil Type: Different sub-ohm coils have different consumption rates. For example, single-coil setups require less liquid, and dual-coil or triple-coil setups require more juice. The type of coil or resistance level used in sub-ohming is a critical factor in determining how much e-juice gets consumed.

Vaping Habits: Another factor that determines e-juice consumption rates when sub-ohming is the individual's vaping habits. For individuals who vape continually throughout the day, they can expect to use more e-juice than somebody who uses their sub-ohm tank occasionally. Daily consumption will also vary depending on how often the individual draws on their tank, the length of their draw, and how much they inhale per draw.

Sub-ohm vaping has brought a whole new level of vaping experience for enthusiasts. With their ability to produce massive clouds of vapor and enhanced flavor production, sub-ohm tanks have become the go-to hardware for many vapers. However, it's essential to understand that sub-ohming requires a lot of e-juice, and the rate of consumption can vary from individual to individual, depending on factors such as wattage, coil type, tank size, and vaping habits.

E-juice, as with many other things, has a shelf life that depends on proper storage. Storing e-juice in cool, dry places, away from direct sunlight, and moisture can extend its shelf life. In conclusion, whether you’re using a traditional tank or a sub-ohm tank, it’s essential to know your vaping habits, the kind of tank and coil you’re using, and be sure to practice proper storage methods to guarantee that your e-juice lasts longer.

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