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How long will a bottle of ejuice last?

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A bottle of ejuice, also known as vape juice or e-liquid, is a vital component of vaping. It is a concoction of ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, nicotine (or not, depending on what the user prefers), and in some cases, distilled water. Ejuice is sold in various sizes, ranging from small 10ml bottles to massive 120ml bottles. The average vaper goes through a bottle of ejuice in a different timeframe; however, several factors come to play in deciding how long a bottle of ejuice will last. In this essay, we will examine the factors that affect how long a bottle of ejuice can last and how to make it last longer.

The first and most significant factor that influences how long a bottle of ejuice can last is the vape device and the power level. There are two main types of vape devices; the mouth-to-lung and the direct-to-lung. The mouth-to-lung device is designed to simulate the sensation of smoking a cigarette and requires a much lower wattage. The direct-to-lung device, on the other hand, produces large clouds of vapor, requires more ejuice, and uses higher wattage.

Using a higher wattage will burn more ejuice and means you will go through a bottle much faster than someone vaping with an MTL device on low wattage. Generally speaking, a sub-ohm tank running between 40-70 watts could run through 10-15 ml of e-liquid in a single day as they produce large clouds and use more power. In contrast, someone using an MTL device with 1.0-1.5 ohms coils at 10-15 watts could last 3-7 days for a 10ml bottle. Therefore, depending on the power of the device and the type of coils used, it's impossible to tell precisely how long a bottle of ejuice will last since everyone vapes differently.

Another aspect that determines how long a bottle of ejuice can last is the nicotine level. Nicotine is an integral component of vape juice. It is an addictive substance that is intended to create a similar experience to smoking. Vapers get to pick the amount of nicotine level they want in their ejuice. Nicotine levels are usually displayed as milligrams (mg) per milliliter (ml), from the low, medium, to high intensity. The majority of brands offer nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 18mg.

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How much nicotine one intake can also impact how quickly they use their ejuice. Vapers that use low nicotine levels tend to have a more relaxed vaping style, taking long breaks between hits and could last anywhere from a week to a month before having to purchase another bottle. High levels of nicotine, on the other hand, usually indicate frequent vaping, which uses up the ejuice much faster, often in less than five days.

Flavor is another factor that influences how fast vapers go through their ejuice. The flavor is usually the reason why vapers vape. It's the cherry on top of the cake. Most people prefer the sweet and fruity flavors, while some opt for mint, menthol, bakery-like, or even tobacco flavors. The more tasteful the vape juice, the more likely a vaper is to crave it, which means they will vape more frequently. This shows that the taste of your ejuice could either have you firing up your device every minute or enjoying your vape slowly.

Temperature is also another aspect that affects how long a bottle of ejuice can last. Fluctuating temperatures can cause a bottle of vape juice to expire much quicker. If ejuice is exposed to too much heat, it can result in the breakdown of the flavorings and nicotine molecules that impact the taste, smell, and potency of the vape juice. If ejuice is stored in a dark and dry place within the right temperature range (20-25°C) and is not exposed to direct sunlight, it will last from six months to a year.

Finally, an essential factor that affects how quickly vapers use up their bottle of ejuice is their vaping frequency. Someone who only vapes once or twice a day can take a long time to go through their bottle of ejuice. On the other hand, those that are addicted to vaping or use ejuice to manage stress can easily get through a ten-milliliter bottle in one or two days.

Vapers can take several steps to prolong the life of their ejuice. For example, when opening a new bottle, vapers need to ensure that they carefully dispose of the overpack. Proper storage of ejuice is also vital in ensuring it lasts longer. Vapers should keep their vape juice stored in a cool, dark, and dry place where it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Additionally, vapers should avoid leaving their ejuice bottle half empty for extended periods since this increases the likelihood of contamination. Furthermore, gradually increasing the power on the device, staying hydrated, and taking breaks between hits can also help reduce the amount of ejuice that vapers use.

How long a bottle of ejuice can last varies widely. It ultimately depends on an array of factors such as the power output of the device, the nicotine level, the flavor, storage conditions, and vaping frequency. Even though there is no exact timeline when it comes to finishing an entire bottle of ejuice, careful consideration of each factor and following storage tips can help make the vape juice last longer. As every vaper has their own unique vaping style, the best way to figure out how long a bottle of ejuice will last is to keep track of how much vape juice you use daily.

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