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E-juice DIY Banana Cream: How Much?

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E-juice DIY Banana Cream: How Much?

E-juice DIY banana cream is a popular flavor in the vaping community due to its rich, creamy, and sweet taste. It delivers a distinctive aroma, and the silky smooth flavor of banana cream is irresistible. The best part is that you don't need to invest in costly commercial e-liquids as you can make your DIY banana cream e-juice at home with various equipment and ingredients. In this essay, I will describe how much of the components you'll require, the procedure for mixing all the ingredients, and also what makes DIY banana cream e-juice so popular among vapers.

Equipment Required

When making DIY banana cream e-juice, you'll require several essential pieces of equipment to get started. Below are some of the things you will need:

1. E-juice calculator: Since DIY e-juice is a science, an e-juice calculator will be handy in creating your recipe, especially when using Target PG/VG ratios.

2. A clean workspace: A tidy and clean workplace clears your mind and helps you concentrate. Ensure that you have a clean workstation, free from any clutter or distractions.

3. Nicotine: Nicotine is an essential component in e-juice, and if you use e-cigs, you know that most commercially available e-liquids contain nicotine.

4. VG/PG mix: You'll need VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) to make the e-liquid base and dilute the flavor concentrate and nicotine.

5. Banana Cream Flavor Concentrate: For your DIY banana cream e-juice, you'll need a good banana cream flavor concentrate. Be sure to read reviews and user feedback before choosing the concentrate brand.

6. Measuring Syringes: Since DIY e-juice composition is science, accuracy is crucial, and using measuring syringes ensures that you don't mix too much or too little flavor.

7. Mixing Bottles: Mixing bottles are necessary for combining the different components of DIY e-juice and coming up with an even mixture.

How much of each ingredient do you need?

When mixing your DIY banana cream e-juice, here's the amount of each ingredient required.

1. Nicotine: This depends on the strength of your e-juice. If you like strong e-juice, start at 24mg of nicotine per 10ml. However, you can decrease or increase depending on your personal preferences.

2. VG/PG Base: You can opt for different VG/PG combinations, but the most common is 70/30, which involves 70% VG and 30% PG. This mixture offers both throat hit and excellent vapor production.

3. Banana Cream Concentrate: This should also be based on your personal preferences, but the average amount is between 8% – 10% for the initial mix.

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How to Make DIY Banana Cream E-juice

Here are some simple steps to guide you in making your DIY banana cream e-juice.

1. Set up your workspace

Ensure that you have a tidy and well-lit space to work on your DIY e-juice. Gather all the equipment needed for the process.

2. Prepare Nicotine Base

Start by mixing the nicotine base to your VG/PG mix. An e-juice calculator will guide you in calculating the amount of nicotine per ml of e-juice.

For example, if you want 10ml of e-juice at 12mg strength, and your nicotine has a strength of 36mg, then you will require 3ml of nicotine base. The rest will be made up of VG and PG.

3. Add Banana Cream Flavor

Add your Banana Cream flavor concentrate into your mixing bottle. The amount will vary depending on your e-juice amount and desired strength. Typically, 8% – 10% of the banana cream concentrate per mix gives the best flavor.

4. Add VG/PG Base

After adding the Banana Cream flavor, add your pre-mixed VG/PG base to your mixing bottle. Ensure that you allow enough space in the bottle for shaking.

5. Shake Well

Shake the mixing bottle vigorously for several minutes until all components are evenly mixed. If required, you can use a magnetic stirrer or ultrasonic cleaner.

6. Let Steep

Leave the mixed e-juice to steep for 2-3 days before vaping. Steeping helps the flavors and components blend well, giving an even better vaping experience.

Why DIY Banana Cream E-juice Is So Popular Among Vapers

There are several reasons for the rising popularity of DIY banana cream e-juice among vapers. First, it offers a cost-effective way of making e-juice. Commercial brands can be quite expensive, and making e-juice from scratch saves you lots of money.

Secondly, it delivers a unique and sensational taste, specifically banana cream, which is popular among fruity flavor lovers. DIY banana cream e-juice offers a wide range of options to suit different taste preferences.

Finally, homemade e-juices offer your control over the components you use to make the flavor and the strength of nicotine you desire. You are no longer restricted to the available brands but can customize your flavor to suit your preferences.

Making your DIY banana cream e-juice is a simple and cost-effective way of enjoying your favorite e-juice flavor. You'll need several equipment and ingredients, including nicotine, VG/PG base, banana cream flavor concentrate, mixing bottles, measuring syringes, and an e-juice calculator. Follow the steps outlined above to make your DIY banana cream e-juice and enjoy a uniquely rich, creamy, and sweet flavor that's irresistible among fruity flavor lovers.

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