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Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

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In order to help customers, adapt to changes in industry regulations in different regions of the world, lay out future markets in advance, and create excellent products, Zinwi have launched a series of tobacco flavored e-liquids.

In terms of formulation, we start with the selection of raw materials for tobacco flavors and carry out collaborative research with raw material suppliers.

In terms of fragrance, we carry out "localized" fragrance according to the taste preferences of different regions around the world. Carefully optimize the product flavor and e-liquid performance.

Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions-zinwi

Tobacco flavor

Clear sweet, honey sweet, burnt sweet, licorice, green, woody, burnt, sour, spicy, nutty, fruity, floral, herbal, sweet, delicate, sweet , hay, smoky, bean...

Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions-zinwi

Original Tobacco Series

Tobacco flavor, restore the aroma and aroma characteristics of different tobacco leaf producing areas around the world, such as burley tobacco, blended tobacco, oriental tobacco, flue-cured tobacco, cigars, etc. The smoke is full-bodied, rich in layers, with excellent aroma quality and aroma quality.

Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions-zinwi

To know more flavors

The performance of fragrance and taste can be adjusted according to the preferences of consumers in different regions.

With nuts, caramel

The nutty aroma and caramel aroma can be perfectly integrated with the roasted sweetness of the tobacco itself, such as burnt aroma and roasted aroma, and can also increase the sense of moistness and sweetness, and the aroma is rich.

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

With milk fragrance

Different types of milk flavors can be compounded with a variety of smoke flavors, such as butter, cheese, milk, cream, etc. The milk flavor is coordinated and rich in layers, making the taste softer.

With mint

The mint aroma can increase the richness of the aroma and have a more layered taste. The coolness of the mint can smooth the smoke and reduce the astringency, which is very suitable for summer taste needs.

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

With fruity

The combination of fruit aroma and smoke aroma is coordinated, the taste is delicate and smooth, sweet and fresh, meeting the needs of fruit-preferring consumer groups.

With beans

Most bean-flavored tobaccos such as mung beans and red beans have a dense and soft taste, a strong bean flavor and a clean aftertaste.

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

With bouquet

With mellow and strong flavor tobacco flavor, it has been used in traditional cigarettes for a long time, with a soft taste and strong aroma.

With tea

It can be paired with well-known tea fragrances such as green tea and black tea, as well as regional tea fragrances, such as British black tea and Japanese matcha.

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

With floral

The floral and light aromas of tobacco itself are combined with well-known aromas such as rose, osmanthus, and jasmine, which can be perfectly combined with the floral and rich aromas of tobacco.

With beverage flavor

The coffee aroma complements the roasted and burnt aromas in the tobacco, making the overall tobacco flavor thick and rich, which can meet the preferences of consumers in different regions of the world.

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

With snacks and desserts

Combining the characteristics of best-selling snacks around the world with tobacco flavors can meet the preferences of consumers in different regions of the world.

Restoring the global classic flavor and taste

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

Restore the flavor of classic cigarette brands

Restore the flavor and taste of world-renowned cigarette brands, focusing on the characteristic aroma of them, with realistic aroma performance and high degree of taste restoration.

Restore the flavor of famous cigar brands

It can restore the flavor and taste of different cigar tobacco leaf producing regions in the world, and can also restore the flavor and taste of world-renowned cigar brands. The cigar flavor is rich and full, natural and transparent, with high reduction, comfortable and smooth taste.

Restore the flavor of Middle Eastern Shisha

The shisha series with different aroma types can well restore the aroma characteristics of shisha cream, which can meet the taste needs of shisha customers.

zinwi Global Tobacco Flavor Solutions

Zinwi use laws and regulations and data science as the entry point, based on consumer insights and analysis. Committed to helping customers develop high-quality products to achieve a win-win situation.

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