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Zinwi Biotech's CNAS laboratory expands testing parameters to 141 items

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Zinwi Biotech Research Center recently announced that, following a review by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), it has once again expanded its scope of accreditation. Its testing parameters have successfully increased from 75 items in 2023 to 141 items. During the review process, Zinwi Biotech received unanimous recognition and high praise from the expert reviewers for its comprehensive quality management system, project management approach, closed-loop oversight of the entire lifecycle of e-liquids, and professional integrated risk assessment principles.

Zinwi Biotech's CNAS laboratory expands testing parameters to 141 items

As a leading enterprise dedicated to the research and production of high-quality e-liquids, Zinwi Biotech has always regarded research innovation and product quality as the core drivers of its development, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. The expansion of testing parameters in the CNAS laboratory is another significant step in Zinwi Biotech's strategic layout in the field of e-liquid quality research, enhancing multiple qualification capabilities and striving to provide higher-quality testing and registration services to global customers. This important achievement not only signifies recognition of Zinwi Biotech's strength in management systems, technical capabilities, service levels, and quality control but also solidifies its leading position in the industry.

The newly expanded range of testing capabilities includes, but is not limited to, e-liquid component analysis, vapor composition testing, e-liquid safety assessments, and various other aspects, covering key aspects and indicators of e-liquid research and production. Zinwi will provide customers with more comprehensive, professional testing services, and more reliable product quality assurance.

Zinwi Biotech's CNAS laboratory expands testing parameters to 141 items

Advantages of Zinwi Biotech's Testing Services

Comprehensive Equipment

Zinwi Biotech's 3400㎡ quality center is equipped with over 80 precision instruments from globally renowned brands, including HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS-MS, ICP-MS, LC-MS, GC Orbitrap, etc., enabling comprehensive analysis of raw materials, intermediates, and finished products to ensure product quality and safety.

Comprehensive Qualifications

Zinwi Biotech has a CNAS laboratory, and reports and certificates issued can be stamped with the CNAS and ILAC seals. The testing data is recognized by over 100 international mutual recognition organizations worldwide, demonstrating international authority and credibility. In addition, Zinwi Biotech holds multiple international certifications, serving as a strong endorsement for rigorous product quality control and strong technical capabilities, enhancing brand image and competitive advantage in the market.

Zinwi Biotech's CNAS laboratory expands testing parameters to 141 items

Professional Team

Zinwi Biotech's quality control testing team comprises over 60 professional analysts, conducting over 500 tests daily. They strictly control the entire process from raw material procurement, production processing, product manufacturing, finished product testing, product warehousing to after-sales quality assurance, ensuring the quality of your products.

Rich experience

Our CNAS laboratory has been in full operation in recent years, and our team has not only accumulated rich experience, but also established a good reputation in the industry. We are constantly digging up and summarising the lessons learned in practice, and constantly optimising and improving our service processes to ensure that we provide the most professional and reliable services to our clients.

Decision Support

The testing data provided by Zinwi Biotech's laboratory is accurate and reliable, assisting you in making scientifically based decisions in product development, process improvement, quality control, and risk management.

One-Stop Service

Zinwi Biotech's testing parameters cover a wide range, allowing for one-stop completion of all necessary compliance testing, simplifying processes, reducing supply chain risks and costs, and accelerating your product launch or project approval process.

Through Zinwi Biotech's services, you can not only obtain more comprehensive and professional testing services but also higher trust, stronger regulatory compliance, better data quality, lower supply chain risks, and potential brand value enhancement. In the future, Zinwi Biotech will continue to strive for excellence, providing continuous support to partners!

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