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Leading the Industry Development and Promoting Healthy Vaping, Zinwi Biotech Grasps the Pulse of Development with a Progressive Attitude

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In recent years, with the rise of the electronic cigarette industry, the demand of global tobacco consumers has quietly undergone changes, and the electronic cigarette field has ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for development. In the face of the expanding consumer market, numerous electronic vaping-related companies have emerged like mushrooms, thriving in this vast field.

Among them, Zinwi Biotech, as a global leading provider of electronic vaping liquid products and solutions, has been brimming with vitality since its establishment. Moreover, it has continuously broken through on the development path, rapidly rising as the leader in the electronic vaping liquid industry. Zinwi Biotech focuses on product research and development and technological innovation, committed to leading the industry with technology, and has made breakthrough achievements in electronic vaping liquid research and development. At the same time, related products and service solutions have been applied in many countries and regions worldwide, winning the unanimous recognition of global consumers.

Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Zinwi Bio-tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Zinwi Biotech") is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales of electronic vaping liquid. The company has been deeply rooted in the electronic vaping liquid field since its establishment, and with strong research and development technical strength, strict quality control processes, and a high-quality customer network, it has developed into the leading brand of electronic vaping liquid solution service platform.

The company focuses on product research and development and technological innovation, strict quality control, and continuous market expansion. In terms of research and technological innovation, the company focuses on the research and application of harm reduction atomization technology and established the Atomization Technology Research Institute led by a team of doctors in 2020. The company has experienced professional perfumers and has developed tens of thousands of e-liquid formulas. In terms of production and quality control, the company has obtained recognition from many authoritative domestic and foreign institutions, including "National CNAS Laboratory Certification", "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification", "ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification", and "ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification." The company's products are sold to dozens of countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, America, the Middle East, and Russia. It has won unanimous recognition from more than 300 brand customers and established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with many international first-line brands.

Since its establishment, Zinwi Biotechtech has been well aware that innovation is the primary productivity. The company focuses on research and technological innovation, actively improves its intellectual property layout strategy, refines its product-technology patent structure matrix, and introduces and operates an intellectual property management system. Its aim is to comprehensively enhance the company's innovation capabilities, strengthen its competitive advantages, and expand domestic and international markets. As of the end of April 2022, the company had applied for 227 patents and had been granted 71 patents, including 8 invention patents and 63 utility model patents. Over the past six years, the company has already had multiple mature products and technologies.

In the field of electronic atomization products, Zinwi Biotechtech provides ODM/OEM customized services for electronic atomization liquids. From capacity and flavor, to concentration and matching device types, a comprehensive and highly adaptable electronic atomization liquid service solution is created with strong stability. By establishing a full value chain service system that covers raw material selection and traceability, innovative fragrance formula development, intelligent production and manufacturing, strict quality inspection, scientific warehousing and distribution, and professional after-sales service management, Zinwi Biotechtech provides sophisticated electronic atomization liquid service solutions for global users.

As of 2022, Zinwi Biotechtech's products and solutions have been applied in dozens of countries and regions worldwide, including China, the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It has served more than 400 global customers and established long-term strategic partnerships with over 300 global brands.

In terms of technology research and development, innovation is also at the core of Zinwi Biotechtech's approach. Faced with changes in product consumption structures and global policy adjustments, Zinwi Biotechtech focuses on consumer demand, aiming to restore the authentic taste of cigarettes, actively exploring new research and development paths and solutions. Zinwi Biotechtech continuously breaks through existing technological barriers, promotes technological iteration, and develops a new nicotine salt "ZTouch-T" technology to create an electronic atomization liquid with a flavor more similar to natural tobacco, bringing users a new and high-quality usage experience.

To meet international market demand and give international sweet product field products a more realistic flavor experience, Zinwi Biotechtech has created the "ZTouch-S" nicotine salt technology. It optimizes the traditional organic acid and flavor material addition strategies based on different product flavor characteristics, highlights various taste characteristics, and restores a more authentic flavor experience.

In addition, in response to the requirements for harm reduction and stability of new tobacco products in various regions around the world, Zinwi Biotech has also conducted research on low-temperature atomization, nicotine salt, and compatibility between smoking devices and e-liquids. The experimental data obtained will continue to promote the update and iteration of new tobacco products and promote industrial upgrading.

After six years of ups and downs, time flies. As of October 2022, Zinwi Biotech has more than 500 employees, including about 110 members in the research and development team. The main leadership team is composed of leading talents from various industries, and the vast majority of employees come from well-known universities around the world, possessing advanced technical capabilities and strategic vision for development. Together, they form the Zinwi Biotech team, which is willing to explore, diligent in creation, brave in competition, and willing to take risks.

In terms of technology research and development, Zinwi Biotech has an experienced R&D team, with an average industry experience of more than 7 years. At the same time, the company has two research institutes and various technical resources, actively exploring the implementation path of restoring the natural fragrance of tobacco, and providing customers with atomization products that meet both consumer demand in the terminal market and national standards.

In 2020, Zinwi Biotech established the world's first atomization technology research institute led by a team of doctoral experts, and began to explore the basic research of e-liquid atomization. The Atomization Technology R&D Center is equipped with precision instruments such as HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS-MS, ICP-MS, LC-MS, and GC-QTOF from globally renowned brands, providing research and development services for product innovation, ingredient analysis, banned substance screening, and aerosol safety assessment.

In 2022, Zinwi Biotechtech established the Yunnan Research Institute, introduced advanced high-end scientific research equipment, formed a high-level scientific research team including multiple PhDs, and developed a complete R&D process system according to the management regulations of new tobacco and regulatory agencies in various regions around the world. They vigorously carry out the latest technology trends and frontier knowledge discussions, screen high-quality tobacco extract raw materials from around the world, actively respond to and embrace policies, and support tobacco flavor mixing technology.

In terms of smart manufacturing, Zinwi Biotechtech has a GMP clean production workshop that meets FDA standards and is committed to building an intelligent manufacturing system supported by intelligent production equipment and based on standardized production processes. At the same time, the company breaks down clear production processes, provides visible SOP guidance for operations, establishes a supervisory inspection mechanism with clear responsibilities, and complements it with strict emergency response measures to ensure strict implementation of the production process and effective quality control.

In terms of quality control, Zinwi Biotechtech has a professional analysis laboratory certified by CNAS, multiple professional testing instruments, and a large-scale sample retention room, with efficient testing capabilities. At the same time, the company has established a full-process quality control system from raw materials entering the factory, production processing, product production, finished product testing, finished product warehousing, and after-sales quality tracking, strictly controlling product quality and helping customers create safe, stable, and timely e-liquid service solutions.

With the support of a robust production system and strong scientific research capabilities, Zinwi Biotechtech has grown rapidly while also receiving numerous accolades.

In 2017, the company was honored as a "Standing Director Unit of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association" and was also recognized as a "Drafting Unit for the Standard Group of Electronic Cigarette E-liquid" in the same year. In 2019, Zinwi Biotechtech was named a "Supporting Unit of the International Electronic Cigarette Summit Forum" and was certified as a "Supplier of China Manufacturing Network."

In 2020, the company established a "Strategic Partnership" with Shenzhen Lens Testing Co., Ltd., and was also recognized as a "Co-organizer of the International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum." Zinwi Biotechtech received the "Credit Rating Enterprise" certification in the same year. In 2021, the company was named a "Unit Member of the Shanghai Toxicology Association" and established a "Strategic Partnership" with Guangdong Tianjian Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Zinwi Biotechtech was also recognized as a "Drafting Unit for the Group Standard of Electronic Cigarette E-liquid Safety Technical Specifications (T/CECC002-2021)" in 2021 and received the "Charitable Enterprise" certification. The company was also recognized as a "Co-organizer of the International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum" and a "Vice Chairman Unit of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association" in the same year. Zinwi Biotechtech was awarded the "Flying Horse Award" of China Electronic Commerce Association in 2021 and was also certified as a "High-tech Enterprise" and a "Vice Director Unit of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association."

In 2022, the company received the "Wugu Award for Outstanding Export Enterprises" and became a member of the "UKVIA."

While maintaining its high-speed development, Zinwi Biotech never forgets its original intention and practices social responsibility through practical actions. In July 2021, Zinwi Biotech donated 100,000 yuan to support flood prevention and relief efforts in Henan, standing by and helping each other in the face of adversity. In March 2022, Zinwi Biotech donated 200,000 yuan to support Hong Kong's anti-epidemic work, joining hands with the people of Hong Kong to overcome difficulties. In September 2022, Zinwi Biotech donated 50,000 yuan to the earthquake-stricken areas of Sichuan to help the people there in their earthquake relief efforts and rebuild their homes.

At the same time, Zinwi Biotech upholds the ESG development concept, actively responds to the dual carbon goal, deeply integrates the ESG concept with enterprise management, and starts from multiple dimensions such as sustainable business, technological innovation, employee development, and ecological coordination to create social value and achieve harmony between society, environment, and business value.

In the face of the rapid development of technology and the changes in the times, the demands of the global market are also changing rapidly, presenting a new appearance. Starting from the company's strategy, Zinwi Biotech focuses on the future, lays out in advance, and actively leads the industry's development.

1. Focus on building a global layout for the research institute

Technology leads to miracles and innovation drives development. True Flavors Bio focuses on regional differences and localized values, and has established research and development centers in regions such as the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, integrating various advanced local resources and actively responding to changes in regional market demands, quickly sensing and efficiently responding. Global layout helps to get closer to the real needs of global users for taste changes, improve product and solution service efficiency, promote the efficient transformation and application of scientific research achievements, and positively feedback the strategic needs of the company's research and production.

2. Build an intelligent flavoring platform

True Flavors Bio focuses on independent innovation and actively develops an intelligent flavoring platform based on the global flavor database. Using big data analysis and artificial intelligence, in-depth data mining is carried out on flavor formulas, and a flavoring knowledge graph is constructed. Through AI deep learning algorithms, the traditional flavoring process and data formula are optimized and iterated to create a brand-new experience for e-liquid flavors.

3. Establish a sound technological research and development innovation system

Since 2020, True Flavors Bio has actively promoted cooperation with local government departments and relevant universities in production, learning, and research, based on the principles of "complementary advantages, strengthening cooperation, pursuing practical results, and developing together." It has built a product-technology full-domain research and development system, front-loaded scientific research demand management, shortened industrial research and development cycles, and sought cross-domain ecological cooperation. The Atomization Technology Research Institute and True Flavors Bio (Yunnan) Research Institute were successively established, starting from low-temperature atomization, efficient atomization research, to the optimization of tobacco flavor restoration and tobacco extract evaluation, leading the industry's development with technological innovation.

The future is here, and the time is now; with dreams as horses, we shall not disappoint the time. True Flavors Bio will continue to uphold the mission of "leading the industry's development and atomizing a healthy life," and strive to become a trusted customer, a happy employee, and a leading global e-liquid solution service platform. Starting from a new point, we will grasp the trend pulse with a determined effort and pay tribute to the future amidst the turbulent development journey.

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