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Synthesis of nicotine salts

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Nicotine, e-cigarette consumers should be familiar with it. But what is nicotine salt, and how is nicotine salt synthesized? Today, I will explain nicotine salt and its synthesis method.

Zinwi - Synthesis of nicotine salts

1. What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine, commonly known as nicotine, belongs to the class of pyridine derivative alkaloids, has a certain degree of alkalinity, and can react with acids to produce amine salts. Therefore, nicotine salt is essentially an amine salt. Compared with nicotine, nicotine salt is less irritating to the mouth or throat mucous membranes. The nicotine salt in the e-liquid is made of organic acid and nicotine. Organic acids include citric acid, tartaric acid, oxalic acid, etc. Citric acid exists in large quantities in lemons and citrus, while tartaric acid exists in large amounts in grapes. The nicotine salt synthesized with this natural organic acid is safer. The e-liquid formulated with nicotine salt allows people to enjoy smoking without feeling too strong a throat hit.

Zinwi - The synthetic method of nicotine salt

2. The synthetic method of nicotine salt

Various organic acids are taken in a certain proportion and combined with nicotine, and after operations such as mixing, heating, stirring, and parking, nicotine salt can be obtained. Different organic acid ratios and nicotine ratios produce nicotine salts with different tastes. Different operation methods and sequences will eventually result in different forms of nicotine salt.

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