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E-cigarette E-liquid: Is It Better to Store Longer?

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E-cigarette users often face various problems with e-liquids, so this article aims to help you fully understand e-liquids. Let's take a look together!

Is it better to store e-liquids for a longer period of time?

This view is incorrect. Although some e-liquids may become smoother with longer steeping time, not all e-liquids are like that. Some e-liquids may lose their original flavor if stored for too long. Any e-liquid should be used as soon as possible because e-liquids are already steeped before leaving the factory and there is not much steeping necessary.

Why does my e-liquid have no taste when I vape it?

Everyone's feeling for e-liquids is not exactly the same. Some players may feel that e-cigarettes are not powerful or not as good as expected. But sometimes, beginners may have misunderstood because of device settings that result in too little vapor production. Without much direct experience with e-cigarettes, they may think that e-cigarettes have no taste. In fact, if an e-cigarette is well-made, in addition to different flavors, the overall taste should be rich and sweet.

E-cigarette E-liquid: Is It Better to Store Longer? - Zinwi

What should I do if the e-liquid is too sweet or too greasy?

Some e-liquids have a sweeter or greasier taste, indicating that this flavor may not be suitable for you. You can choose to taste it again after steeping for two weeks, or switch to another flavor. Therefore, we do not recommend buying a lot of e-liquids at once when trying a new e-liquid because you may not be able to determine if these flavors are suitable for you. Experienced players usually buy one or two small capacity cartridges first, decide which flavor they want to vape, and then buy more cartridges or larger capacity cartridges.

To judge the quality of e-liquids and whether they are suitable for yourself, you need to consider the flavor first. Different e-liquid brands and flavors have their own unique characteristics, so you need to try different flavors to find the one you like. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the ingredients, quality, and expiration date of the e-liquids. It is best to choose e-liquids produced by regular manufacturers and avoid buying expired e-liquids.

Some e-liquids may damage the atomizer, mainly because they contain a high VG content. VG is a viscous liquid that can cause corrosion to some materials. If the e-liquid used contains a high VG content, especially when used in an acrylic atomizer, it may cause damage to the atomizer. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the compatibility of e-liquid ingredients and device materials used.

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