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How to Replace the Cotton of an Electronic Cigarette? Solve it in Three Steps

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Want to replace the cotton of your electronic cigarette but don't know how to do it? Don't worry, here are three simple steps to help you complete it easily!

1. Use scissors to cut the cotton into a specific shape for easy tearing. You'll need 14-15 pieces - 14 pieces for a 3.5 coil diameter, and 15 pieces for a 3.0 coil diameter.

2. Don't throw away the used carbonized heating wire, keep it as a tool. Remove the non-woven fabric on both sides of the cotton, fold the cotton in half and fold the heating wire in half for threading.

3. Place the heating wire in the center of the cotton, and make the cotton loose by stretching it horizontally. That's it! You have successfully replaced the cotton of your electronic cigarette!

How to Replace the Cotton of an Electronic Cigarette? Solve it in Three Steps - Zinwi

Some people may think that different atomizers have different structures, and improper control of the amount of cotton used can cause problems such as burnt cores or oil leakage. In fact, as long as you use the corresponding number of cotton pieces based on the coil diameter and avoid using high power, there won't be any problems. If there is an oil leakage problem, simply use cotton to block the oil guide hole, and there's no need to completely fill the cotton slot. This method has been tested and works well even for high smoke atomizers with a resistance of 0.4 ohms or higher, and can be used with a maximum power of 4.5V.

This is the simplest and most efficient method of threading cotton. Compared to the traditional method, it does not require scissors or thin thread feet. All you need is to prepare the cotton, tear off a piece when needed, rinse the atomizer with water, and you can easily replace the cotton. This method is very simple and convenient, isn't it?

Furthermore, it's important to note that the frequency of replacing the cotton should be based on the color of the purchased e-liquid. If you want to make things easier, choose lighter e-liquids with less carbonization. For those who prefer darker e-liquids, it's necessary to replace the cotton every three days or as needed to avoid potential problems. If you use less, you can replace the cotton once a week. If the cotton is burnt, replace it immediately.

Replacing the cotton frequently will not have any side effects, and you can enjoy the freshest taste while also honing your skills. Learning the skills of an electronic cigarette is all about these details. If you want to become an expert in the field of electronic cigarettes, this is a great opportunity to practice your skills.

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