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Characteristics and Manufacturing Methods of Fancy Heating Wire Coils

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Fancy heating wire refers to an electric heating wire composed of multiple ordinary electric heating wires, which is manufactured through different arrangements and combinations. Fancy coils, on the other hand, are coils made by winding fancy heating wire.

Characteristics of Fancy Heating Wire (Coils)

Compared to ordinary electric heating wires or heating coils, fancy heating wires (coils) are made up of multiple heating wires combined together, resulting in a larger heating area. Different fancy coils have different key points, for example, Clapton coils can improve taste, while some complex composite fancy coils can improve smoke volume, and can be reused and cleaned, with a longer lifespan. Although the performance of fancy heating wire (coils) is generally better than that of ordinary coil e-cigarettes, due to the complexity of its production, it is difficult for ordinary users to make them and they require the development of standard fancy heating wires. Therefore, fancy heating wire can only be purchased as finished products. Fancy heating wires are much larger in volume than ordinary electric heating wires, so it is important to match them with the space of the atomizer as closely as possible. During the process of burning the wire, it is important to avoid high temperatures melting the insulating parts of the atomizer.

The manufacturing methods of fancy heating wires are relatively complex and require professional production techniques and equipment. Currently, the more popular method abroad is the single-fantasy structure, and some single-fancy coils have better smoke volume and taste than ordinary coils with dual nozzles.

Characteristics and Manufacturing Methods of Fancy Heating Wire Coils - Zinwi

Common types of fancy heating wire (coils) typically include:

Twisted wire: a heating wire formed by twisting multiple fancy heating wires together, with a quantity exceeding two.

Clapton wire: an electric heating wire with one or more electric heating wires as the core, and one or more thin electric heating wires wrapped around the outside, forming a spring-like electric heating wire.

Composite fancy electric heating wire: made up of multiple electric heating wires, manufactured using different bending, wrapping, twisting, or weaving techniques, resulting in various complex shapes of fancy heating wires. Among them, variations of the Klein Putton heating wire are one of the most common types of composite fancy heating wires.

Twisted Wire

Twisted wire is a technique of twisting two or more heated wires together to form a coil. Compared to a single heated wire, twisted wire can produce denser smoke and flavor. Different twisting methods can result in various heating effects, creating unexpected results. Twisted wire is one of the fundamental techniques for making fancy coils (see Appendix 1 for production methods and e-cigarette prices).

Twisted wire has the characteristics of lower resistance, larger contact area with cotton, higher evaporation per unit time, making the smoke denser, the flavor richer, and layered better. The production method is very simple, and users can make it by themselves.

Clapton Wire

Clapton wire is a spring-shaped wire with a core of one or more heating wires and multiple or single heating wires loosely or densely wrapped around the outside. Its heating speed is relatively slow, but the heat output is high, which can increase the size of the e-cigarette's smoke and enrich the flavor. Clapton wire is one of the fundamental techniques for making fancy coils.

Compared with ordinary heating wire, the characteristics of Clapton wire are that it can produce denser smoke and flavor, and has good reduction and layered effects. The disadvantage is that the heating speed is relatively slow, and the voltage output needs to be increased to accelerate the heating speed.

It is worth noting that fancy heating wires usually have low resistance, large heating area, and a lot of heating. Composite fancy heating wire usually has very low resistance, so use it with caution. Because the width of some composite fancy heating wire is very large, up to 3.4 millimeters or larger, please make sure that your atomizer can fit into the lock hole before purchasing.

In fact, different types of heating wire, such as thick wire, thin wire, and circular flat wire, are based on the same principle. By using different winding methods to adjust the heating speed and heating area, the best heating effect can be achieved. I believe that with the continuous exploration of players, there will be more and more various advanced fancy heating wires appearing.

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