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2023 GTNF Forum - Zinwi will express its views on "R&D Innovation and Harm Reduction"

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The 2023 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) will be held in Seoul, South Korea from September 19th to 21st. The theme of this year's conference is "Change the conversation. Change the outcome." It aims to strengthen communication among various industries, promote global tobacco harm reduction, and provide direction for industry innovation and development.

zinwi-2023 GTNF Forum - Zinwi will express its views on "R&D Innovation and Harm Reduction"

It is understood that multiple topics were set up under the theme of this forum, and issues of concern to the industry were discussed in depth from multiple dimensions. At that time, Zinwi will discuss industry issues such as the global regulatory environment, youth prevention, sustainable development and environmental protection, nicotine product communication strategies, and future research and development with experts from multiple industries around the world to jointly promote solutions to the challenges faced by the industry and explore future development.

Dr. Long Shuai, head of Zinwi Yunnan Research Institute, will attend this forum as a spokesperson. He said in the interview: “Considering the changing prospects of industry products, we will focus on the research and development of e-liquids at this conference. We will share our innovation progress and emerging trends, have in-depth exchanges with experts on our efforts in e-liquid safety and harm reduction, jointly explore the development path of industrial modernization under the great changes, and inject new ideas into the high-quality development of the industry. Momentum demonstrates the power of China’s industry.”

Introduction to GTNF Forum

The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) is the world's top annual conference to discuss the future of the tobacco and nicotine industries. It is a global platform for the world's leading public health experts, academics, policymakers and industry leaders to exchange views and ideas. It was established in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 to promote communication and jointly shape the future. The conference is held in different regions around the world every year. Every year, expert panels, keynote speakers and other professionals from around the world share different industry insights.

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