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Encyclopaedia for e-cigarette beginners"

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For e-cigarette beginners, there are many questions and uncertainties about using e-cigarettes. To better understand the methods of using e-cigarettes and selecting products, it is recommended that they visit local physical stores in person. These stores are usually franchise stores of e-cigarette brands, providing standardized usage guidance, helping beginners quickly find e-cigarette products that suit them, and selecting e-liquids with flavors they like, while also enjoying after-sales services.

How to distinguish the quality of the host?

In some forums, some soft articles will recommend novice friends to buy hosts with temperature control chips using psychological suggestions, which are generally priced above 1,000 yuan. For beginners, hosts are divided into two categories, mechanical and regulated. Mechanical hosts are mainly used by DIY players who understand the principles for entertainment, while regulated hosts account for the vast majority of users. Because regulated hosts are safer and can automatically protect the host from being damaged by unsafe factors such as high temperature and short circuits, while mechanical hosts may cause dangerous accidents when encountering these problems. Therefore, beginners should choose regulated hosts.

How to get the best e-liquid flavor experience?

First, you need to choose e-liquids that suit your taste. The taste, smoke, and flavor of e-liquids vary from person to person, so you need to try and choose them yourself. Taste is a subjective matter that requires you to explore the taste that suits you.

Secondly, choosing a suitable atomizer for your taste is also very important. Different flavors of e-liquids are best used with different atomizers to achieve the best taste and smoke effect. In addition, you need to regularly check and replace the atomizer core to ensure that the atomizer you use always maintains a good working condition.

Finally, choose the appropriate voltage for your atomizer and charge it in a timely manner. The appropriate voltage can improve the taste and smoke effect of the e-liquid, and timely charging can ensure that you do not encounter low battery problems when using it.

Encyclopaedia for e-cigarette beginners" - Zinwi

Why does vaping cause throat discomfort?

Firstly, it is important to understand that there are two different smoking methods: "mouth-to-throat" and "direct-to-lung" inhalation. For e-cigarettes, the e-liquid contains a small amount of nicotine to curb cravings, while also providing the "throat hit" that users desire, resulting in a taste and experience that is closer to traditional tobacco. However, if you use a mouth-to-throat atomizer or use e-liquid with more than 6mg of nicotine to inhale directly to the lungs, it can cause throat discomfort, especially for beginners who are new to vaping. Therefore, for those who are new to e-cigarettes, it is recommended to choose a suitable mouth-to-throat atomizer and low concentration e-liquid, gradually adapt and adjust the inhalation method, to avoid throat discomfort.

If you prefer direct-to-lung inhalation, you should choose an atomizer that can handle low resistance and high power. This type of atomizer is commonly referred to as a "cloud chaser atomizer" or a "heavy flavor atomizer". They usually have large air flow and smoke output, producing rich smoke and flavor. At the same time, the e-liquid used in this type of atomizer usually contains more than 80% vegetable glycerin (VG) and a lower nicotine content, to ensure the quality of the taste and smoke. For this type of atomizer, you also need to choose a host that can support low resistance and high power, to ensure the best direct-to-lung experience.

What is the difference between a finished atomizer and a DIY atomizer?

Finished atomizers are very simple and convenient, suitable for beginners. Just replace the atomizer core every two weeks to a month to maintain the taste. However, it is more troublesome to change different flavors of e-liquid, and the resistance is unstable, making it difficult to fully develop the taste of different e-liquids by adjusting the resistance. Therefore, DIY atomizers can solve these problems. DIY atomizers are divided into drip and tank structures. Drip atomizers are usually used to produce a large amount of smoke, and recently some flavor-type drip atomizers have been introduced to enhance the mouthfeel when exhaling. However, drip atomizers cannot store e-liquid, and can only be used for a few puffs before adding new e-liquid, so they are not suitable for users looking for a replacement for cigarettes.

Choose your e-liquid based on the type of atomizer you use!

As mentioned earlier, e-liquids have different VG ratios. If you use a mouth-to-lung atomizer, whether it's a finished product or a DIY type, you should not choose an e-liquid with a VG content of more than 80%, because your atomizer has a high resistance and cannot be powered to a high enough wattage to fully vaporize the flavor of this e-liquid. If you force high power, the atomizer coil is prone to burn because the heating wire inside cannot withstand such high power.

For beginners, choosing a suitable atomizer and e-liquid is crucial to getting the best experience and replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes. The main device only heats the atomizer and controls the degree of vaporization of the e-liquid by adjusting the power. Even if you spend over a thousand yuan to buy a high-end main device like the Yihai or P3, their ignition function only has a slight impact on the taste, and they are almost useless in other aspects.

Is one brand of e-liquid better than another?

This statement is inaccurate because the taste and flavor of e-liquids are subjective personal preferences. Just like stir-fried pork, some people may find it too greasy, while others may find it delicious. Therefore, when facing different e-liquids, you should take other people's opinions as a reference, but ultimately, which e-liquid to choose should still be based on your own taste and preferences. Listening to other people's advice is only a reference, don't miss out on good e-liquids that suit you just because of someone else's taste.

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