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How to inject e-juice into a cartridge?

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Electronic cigarettes have become a new favorite among the public, and many people choose to inject e-juice into cartridges themselves. So, how to inject e-juice correctly?

Firstly, choose the e-juice. E-juice is usually selected based on flavor and nicotine content. Choosing the flavor is very important because different brands have different flavors and fragrances, so it is best to understand which flavor is most suitable for oneself before purchasing. In addition, it is important to note the nicotine content of the e-juice, which is generally classified into low, medium, high, and very high. When choosing, it should be based on personal smoking needs.

Secondly, prepare the tools. Injecting e-juice requires some tools, such as medical syringes, pointed droppers, and brushes. Using a medical syringe is the best way to prevent e-juice from spilling out, and a pointed dropper can accurately inject e-juice into the cartridge.

Next, clean the cartridge. Before injecting e-juice, the cartridge needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the surface moisture wiped dry. This can allow the e-juice to better absorb onto the cotton core and prevent the taste from being affected due to incomplete cleaning.

How to inject e-juice into a cartridge? - Zinwi

Then, inject the e-juice. To inject the e-juice, you need to find the filling port inside the cartridge, which is located at the bottom or top of the cartridge depending on the brand, and can be determined based on the instructions. When injecting the e-juice, it should be slowly injected through a syringe or dropper, being careful not to fill it completely, usually about 3/4 full.

Finally, wait for the cartridge to saturate. After injecting the e-juice, you need to wait for a period of time for the cartridge to saturate, usually 5-10 minutes, so that the cotton core can fully absorb the e-juice and improve the usage effect.

In summary, injecting e-juice is simple, but attention to details and steps is necessary. Choosing the appropriate flavor and nicotine content, preparing the appropriate tools, cleaning the cartridge, slowly injecting the e-juice, and waiting for the cartridge to saturate, all of these steps need to be taken carefully step by step to ensure the effect and taste of injecting the e-juice.

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