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What is the working principle of electronic cigarettes?

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Electronic cigarettes, an electronic product touted as a replacement for traditional cigarettes, can simulate the taste of cigarettes. So, what is the working principle of electronic cigarettes? Generally speaking, electronic cigarettes have multiple working principles. The electronic cigarette atomizer is usually connected to a battery and is activated by an airflow sensor or button operation to start the heating device, which evaporates the e-liquid into vapor, producing a feeling similar to that of smoking.

The main components of the e-liquid in electronic cigarettes include nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, polyethylene glycol, and flavors. The original intention of inventing electronic cigarettes was as a "replacement for cigarettes," so nicotine is an essential component, and propylene glycol is used to dilute the nicotine. Other components are added to increase the shelf life of the e-liquid.

What is the working principle of electronic cigarettes? - Zinwi

In the market, two types of products are commonly classified as electronic cigarettes: one is a new type of tobacco product, the heated non-combustion product, and the other is the electronic vaporizer. In fact, heated non-combustion products are tobacco products and are subject to the tobacco monopoly system, so the tobacco sticks for products like IQOS cannot be sold in China. The only electronic cigarette products that can be sold on the market are the electronic vaporizers.

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