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How to make ejuice with thc video?

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As cannabis legalization spread across the world, more and more people have started using ejuices with THC. This is an excellent way to experience the effects of cannabis without the stink or noticeable smoke. Making ejuice with THC requires a few steps, but with the right knowledge, it can be easy. 

Ingredients Needed

The following ingredients are needed to make ejuice with THC:

- 1 gram of cannabis concentrate

- 1 gram of wax liquidizer

- Syringe (10 to 20ml syringe)

- Glass container

- Heat Source (such as a microwave or stovetop)

- E-juice bottle

- Empty cartridge

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Ejuice with THC

Step 1: Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation is a vital step that activates the THC and transforms it into usable THC. To decarboxylate cannabis concentrate, place it in a heatproof bowl or container and cover it with aluminum foil, then place it in the oven, preheated to 240 °F, for 30 to 40 minutes. Once it turns dark brown, remove it from the oven and let it cool.

Step 2: Mixing

After decarboxylation, add the cannabis concentrate to a glass container. Mix the concentrate with wax liquidizer, which is a solution that liquifies the concentrate, making it easy to consume through vaping. Use 1 gram of wax liquidizer per gram of concentrate, stir well until fully dissolved.

Step 3: Heating

Once the concentrate and wax liquidizer are well mixed, warm up the solution until it has a melted consistency. You can use a microwave 10 seconds at a time while regularly stirring or use a double boiler on the stovetop at a very low heat.

Step 4: Filling the Cartridge

After heating the solution, fill up the syringe with the solution, then empty it into the e-juice bottle. Once the e-juice bottle is filled with the solution, connect it to the empty cartridge. Inject the liquid into the empty cartridge through the cartridge’s top-up until it’s about one-third full.

Step 5: Vaping

Now that the cartridge is filled, place it in your e-cigarette. Turn your e-cigarette on and puff away. The e-cigarette will vaporize the liquid and allow the THC to take effect.

Some Points to Consider

- The quality of the wax liquidizer can affect the taste and the potency of the ejuice. To avoid any weak potency or poor taste, invest in a trusted brand of wax liquidizer.

- Start with smaller amounts when mixing to ensure you get your desired potency.

- Always keep the cartridge and e-juice bottle out of reach of children and pets.

- Do not use a microwave oven if you have a metal syringe, it’s best to use a double boiler on the stovetop.

- Always use clean utensils and equipment to avoid cross-contamination.

- Don’t use too high heat when melting the solution, as it may burn the liquid.


Making ejuice with THC is an excellent way to achieve the benefits of cannabis while avoiding the visible effects of smoking. By following the simple steps outlined in this essay, you can make your THC-infused ejuice with ease. Remember to decarboxylate the cannabis concentrate, mix it with an appropriate amount of wax liquidizer, and heat it up before filling up the cartridge. As always, exercise caution and keep everything out of reach of children and pets.

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