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Innovative Experience, Natural Zinwi —AQUA Series Launched!

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New Launch — AQUA Series

Innovative Experience, Natural Zinwi —AQUA Series Launched!

Glacier: Coolness: Five Stars

The taste of Glacier Water is icy and exhilarating. It exudes a chilling sensation, as if ice is melting in your mouth. The taste is pure and cool, allowing you to feel its icy penetration and a slight numbing sensation, providing a refreshing experience.

Sweet Spring: Coolness: Three Stars

Sweet Spring Water offers a refreshing and delightful taste. It brings a gentle and comfortable coolness, with a fresh and pleasant flavor that is pure and sweet, quenching your thirst. It emits a faint scent, providing a refreshing and cool oral sensation.

Mountain Stream: Coolness: Two Stars

Mountain Stream Water has a fresh and clear taste. It carries a mild coolness, with a pure and sweet taste and a touch of natural fragrance. You can feel its refreshing and gentle qualities, offering a clean and cool oral enjoyment.

Morning Dew: Coolness: One Star

Morning Dew Water has a refreshing and lively taste. It feels light and delicate on the palate, carrying the scent of grass and flowers, along with a subtle coolness and a hint of sweetness. It exudes a fresh aroma, providing a light and elegant oral experience.

Meet "ZTouch" Nicotine Salt Technology

The e-liquid infused with this technology enhances the smoothness and sweetness on the inhale, achieving a better natural flavor reproduction and improving the product's taste and stability.

Zinwi can assist you in achieving your business goals with the "Professional Flavoring + ZTouch Salt (Long-lasting Authenticity) " technology:

- Elevate market share with the next-generation flavors and sensations

- Develop suitable formulas for different markets to cater to diverse consumer preferences

- Quickly create new formulas to meet compliance requirements

- Offset rising raw material costs by reducing formula expenses

Device Types

Innovative Experience, Natural Zinwi —AQUA Series Launched!

Disposable Cotton Core (Mesh Core), Disposable Cotton Core (Horizontal Core), Disposable Ceramic Core, Disposable Oil Core Separation, Pod Mod Cotton Core, Pod Mod Ceramic Core, Open-pod-system Devices, Other Closed and Open Devices

What can we do for you?

- Customized e-liquid flavors loved by consumers

- Achieve rapid product launches by shortening the process and R&D time

- Stand out from existing e-liquid products in the market

- Enhance the likelihood of commercial success

One-stop Service for E-liquids · Cooperate for Success

Zinwi Nicotine Salt Series + Zinwi Flavoring Expertise and Experience + Consumer and Market Research = Successful E-liquid Solutions

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