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Zinwi Bio Receives CDP Rating of B and Achieves ISO14064 Certification

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Earth Hour, also known as "Lights Out Hour," is an initiative launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) calling on individuals, communities, businesses, and governments worldwide to turn off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances from 20:30 to 21:30 on the last Saturday of March each year. This symbolic gesture demonstrates support for actions against climate change.

Zinwi Bio Receives CDP Rating of B and Achieves ISO14064 Certification

As a company dedicated to sustainable development, Zinwi Bio has always considered environmental protection and social responsibility as a crucial mission. By actively participating in this year's Earth Hour, the company once again demonstrates its support and commitment to environmental protection and contributes to the cause of sustainable development.

In recent years, Zinwi Bio has made significant achievements in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development through continuous efforts. Not only did the company receive a CDP rating of "B" in 2023, but it also successfully obtained ISO14064 certification.

CDP Rating Achievement:

CDP is the world's largest authority on carbon emission disclosure, dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting water and forest resources. The rating scale by CDP ranges from highest to lowest in four levels: Leadership Level A or A-; Management Level B or B-; Awareness Level C or C-; Disclosure Level D or D-. According to the rating report, Zinwi Bio's "B" rating is second only to the leadership level, placing the company at the forefront of Chinese eliquid companies participating in CDP ratings.

Zinwi Bio Receives CDP Rating of B and Achieves ISO14064 Certification

Zinwi Bio integrates climate change response into its management and operational practices, continuously improving its environmental management system.

ISO14064 Certification:

In 2023, Zinwi Bio was also obtained the ISO14064 certificate from Bureau Veritas, a globally renowned international inspection and certification group, becoming one of the first companies in the eliquid industry in China to introduce and implement ISO14064.

Zinwi Bio Receives CDP Rating of B and Achieves ISO14064 Certification

ISO's greenhouse gas emission standard, ISO14064, is one of the best data management, reporting, and verification models for greenhouse gases internationally, and it is the highest and most comprehensive standard verification system in the field of carbon accounting. By passing the ISO14064 certification, Zinwi Bio demonstrates that the company has established a rigorous greenhouse gas emission verification and reporting system, further highlighting its commitment and practical actions in environmental management and greenhouse gas emission reduction. This certification not only brings recognition to the company, but also provides a solid foundation for its sustainable development strategy.

Implementing sustainable development measures:

As early as 2022, Zinwi Bio had already obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. "We believe that environmental protection and sustainable development are crucial. In recent years, we have increased our environmental investment, organized an environmental special team, and established and implemented environmental management systems and procedures, including internal and external training, site inspections, identifying and solving environmental issues, striving to avoid or minimize the impact of operations on the environment," said the head of Zinwi's ESG department in an interview. To practice the concept of green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, the company has implemented multiple energy-saving and emission-reduction measures.

Zinwi Bio Receives CDP Rating of B and Achieves ISO14064 Certification

Taking the server virtualization project as an example, Zinwi Bio phased out high-energy-consumption traditional physical servers and adopted virtualization cluster technology. Just by reducing energy consumption by approximately 400KW per day for servers alone, about 146,000KW of energy can be saved annually. With full load in the future, an estimated annual energy saving of about 220,000KW is expected, and as the heat emitted by servers decreases, air conditioning energy consumption also significantly reduces. In offices, Zinwi Bio introduced online information systems to promote paperless operations. From 2021 to 2023, the average paper usage decreased from about 300,000 sheets to below 200,000 sheets. LED lighting fixtures are used throughout the company. In production, energy-efficient central air conditioning systems are used in workshops, water consumption is controlled through water-saving systems and management systems to reduce waste discharge. In daily life, Zinwi encourages employees to save energy and reduce emissions by awarding the title of "Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Team," linked to performance incentives to enhance employee environmental awareness.

Zinwi Bio Receives CDP Rating of B and Achieves ISO14064 Certification

Zinwi not only practices green, low-carbon, and sustainable development within the company but also actively advocates for suppliers to carry out energy-saving and emission reduction projects, working together with upstream and downstream partners to promote industry sustainable development.

In 2024, Zinwi Bio will continue to adhere to the path of green, low-carbon, and high-quality development, promoting coordinated pollution reduction and carbon reduction for synergistic efficiency gains. By taking action to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the company looks forward to partnering with more allies in making greater contributions to creating a better future together.

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