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Zinwi Biotech Received Electronic Cigarettes E-liquid Production License

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On June 27, 2022, Zinwi Biotech received production license for electronic cigarettes (e-liquid category) from the Guangming District Tobacco Monopoly Administration. It means that Zinwi can continue to deepen its layout in electronic cigarettes e-liquid field, and also provides strong ground for Zinwi Biotech to gain customer recognition.

Zinwi Biotech, as one of the leading companies which deeply involved in the e-cigarette industry for 7 years, has always been in awe of market supervision and regulations, and has always insisted on compliance operation.

Zinwi Biotech believes that "the new policy will help create a standardized, healthy and sustainable business environment. In the future, Zinwi will follow the norms, and seize new market opportunities, welcome industry developments with confidence."

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