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Zinwi Biotech Introduces 3D Flavor Innovation Technology

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As consumers' demand for product diversification continues to grow, the types of electronic vape products are becoming increasingly diverse, with various functions constantly emerging. This has heightened consumers' expectations for new products. As the aroma and flavor of products continue to upgrade, consumers are now placing increasing importance on indicators such as moisture, smoothness, and delicacy in addition to seeking a more realistic and full sensory experience.

Zinwi Bio is dedicated to flavor development and prioritizes the exploration of multi-sensory experiences. This commitment aims to assist brands in creating memorable product experiences that extend beyond mere taste. Successfully crafted memory points allow consumers to easily recognize and recall the product among a plethora of options, ultimately aiding brands in boosting sales and recognition.

Zinwi Bio 3D Flavor Innovation Technology

Ice-Freezing Technology

Maintains a long-lasting cool sensation, providing even and comfortable cool stimulation in the nasal cavity, oral cavity, and pharynx for users.

Ice-Bursting Technology

Instantly releases a strong icy sensation, delivering a refreshing and invigorating experience that feels like being immersed in an ice cellar on a scorching summer day!

Sparkling Technology

Simulates the stimulating sensation of carbonated beverages, creating an explosive sensation in the oral and nasal cavities that is refreshing and invigorating!

Natural Technology

Eliminates the cold and monotonous feeling brought by artificial flavors, bringing natural, delicate, and rich natural flavors.

Moistness Technology

Enhances the natural flavor with a juicy sensation, creating a distinct layering like a beverage version that fills the oral cavity!

Clean Sweetness Technology

Naturally sweet like white sugar or fructose, seamlessly integrated into the aroma, providing sweetness without being cloying!

Zinwi Bio's comprehensive taste development technology platform can bring innovative three-dimensional tastes to your products, not only increasing consumers' memory of the products but also transforming everyday vaping into a wonderful sensory experience, making every puff a delightful indulgence.

New Series

Zinwi Biotech Introduces 3D Flavor Innovation Technology

Why Do People Love Bubble Sensation?

According to Professor Berry Smith, a sensory expert at the University of London, bubble products have a multi-sensory effect. From a sensory perspective, bubbles stimulate pain receptors. When bubbles burst on the tongue, they stimulate the pain receptors, sending signals to the brain through the trigeminal nerve, triggering deep-seated pain receptors in the brain, resulting in a mildly stimulating warm sensation. They also trigger the release of endorphins, the source of pleasurable feelings.

In terms of taste, bubble products deliver odor molecules deep into the nasal cavity, enhancing the flavor and providing a fresher and more invigorating experience. Visually, bubbles add visual appeal to the product, making it more eye-catching. In addition, the "fizz" sound produced by bursting bubbles inside the oral cavity also enhances the product's memorability. Through multi-sensory stimulation, including touch, sight, and sound, bubble products can deeply engrain their unique memory points. This unique sensory experience leaves a lasting impression on consumers during the experience, sparking a stronger desire to purchase.

With a gentle inhalation, the bubble sensation dances on the tongue like musical notes, filling the body with a refreshing feeling, lifting the spirits in an instant, dispelling exhaustion. This is the wondrous experience of Zinwi Bio's new series.

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