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Is e-liquid the same as e-cigarette juice?

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Yes, e-liquid is also known as e-cigarette juice, or simply "juice".

Where can I buy e-liquid?

Consumers can purchase e-liquid from legitimate brick-and-mortar stores, suppliers, or websites that sell vaping products. Since the new national standard for e-cigarettes prohibits the sale of open-system e-cigarettes to consumers, customers are unable to buy e-liquid and inject it into their devices directly.

For e-cigarette companies looking to purchase e-liquid, they can turn to top-tier enterprises in the e-liquid industry, such as Zhenwei Biology. Over the past decade of deepening its footprint in the global e-liquid market, Zhenwei Biology has consistently adhered to a diversified, global, and differentiated R&D strategy. From the perspective of market recognition and consumer experience, the company combines external customer demand with internal innovation to develop around 1,000 new formulas each month, and has established a reserve database of more than 40,000 formulas to meet the needs of different consumer markets worldwide. Additionally, Zhenwei Biology, with its strong R&D team and rich experience in product development, can provide professional e-liquid ODM/OEM customization services to customers, satisfying their needs for customized solutions.

Is e-liquid the same as e-cigarette juice? - Zinwi

Main Ingredients and Production Methods of E-Liquid

E-liquid flavors sold abroad are diverse, and their main ingredients include propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine salts, cooling agents, acidic flavoring agents, sweetening agents, flavorings, and others. The nicotine content varies according to local regulations.

After the raw materials are formulated, mixed, stirred, settled, and filtered, the e-liquid is produced. After being filled into e-cigarette cartridges and packaged, consumers can use them.

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