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Can't "big vapor" and "taste" be achieved at the same time?

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First of all, it is important to understand that "good e-liquid is like good tea," and good e-liquid requires taste instead of simply swallowing. Some products may claim to have both good taste and big vapor, but this view needs to be explained from multiple angles. Firstly, to achieve big vapor, a large amount of air needs to be taken in. However, taste-oriented atomizers usually only have a small air intake, as excessive air mixing can affect layering and fragrance atomization, which is enough to kill the idea of "having both." In addition, good compound oil has distinct layering and rich taste, and matching it with big vapor will waste a lot.

Can't "big vapor" and "taste" be achieved at the same time? - Zinwi

Secondly, big vapor needs to be achieved through "lung suction," while "mouth suction" can only suck a limited amount of vapor. If you pick up the device and directly suck in the lung and mouth, the taste difference will be significant. Lung suction is like swallowing a pill, an irreplaceable experience.

This is not to say that big vapor is not good. Both experiences are interesting in their own way. Good taste requires us to taste it carefully, including the feeling of taste buds when the e-liquid enters the mouth, the feeling of inhalation, and the feeling of exhalation. To taste a good e-liquid, you can try using a taste-oriented atomizer. Some oils may not be good to smoke, but by changing atomizers, cotton, and data combinations, we can obtain different experiences.

This is also where the fun of e-cigarettes lies.

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