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How to use IQOS electronic cigarette? Instructions for using IQOS electronic cigarette

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Using IQOS electronic cigarette is different from traditional cigarettes. IQOS electronic cigarette heats tobacco instead of burning it, without open flame and ash. Let me introduce the usage of IQOS electronic cigarette.

1. Unpack the accessories: including charging case, cleaning sticks for the holder, alcohol cleaning sticks, charging adapter, USB cable, user manual, and warranty card.

2. Charge the charging case: When you first receive the electronic cigarette, charge the charging case for about 45 minutes. The indicator light will automatically turn off when the charging case is fully charged.

3. Charge the holder in the charging case: Put the holder into the charging case for charging (with the charging contact down and the end with the logo facing up). After putting it in, the main light will flash, indicating that the holder is charging, which takes about 5 minutes. After the flashing stops, the holder is fully charged (you can prepare the tobacco stick for use).

How to use IQOS electronic cigarette? Instructions for using IQOS electronic cigarette - Zinwi

4. Remove the holder and open it: Press the power button to open the charging case and remove the holder. The holder will light up with a white light. Insert the holder vertically into the tobacco stick without rotating it, to prevent the heating blade from breaking (the mark on the tobacco stick should be about 1mm above the heating blade). Then press and hold the power button for 3 seconds (you can release it when you feel the vibration), wait for the indicator light on the holder to stop flashing, and then you can start puffing.

5. Puffing: One tobacco stick can be puffed for about 14-16 puffs or 6 minutes, depending on the number of puffs and time. When the number of puffs reaches about 16 or the time reaches 6 minutes, the holder will stop automatically and vibrate to signal the end. At this time, you need to push out the tobacco stick (the cap of the holder) to remove the tobacco plug from the heating blade, and then remove the tobacco stick (do not litter).

6. Charging: Put the holder back into the charging case for continued charging. The charging time is still about 5 minutes. The fully charged charging case can charge the holder for 20-35 times.

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