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Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

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Zinwi based on popular brands of snacks and beverage flavors around the world, developed 12 new flavor series.

Last time we shared you six trendy flavor series: chocolate, coffee, ginger, water, wine, and electrolyte water.

This time we will bring another 6 series----Innovative flavor series that combines classic flavor bases.

New upgraded fruit series

The newly upgraded fruit series is equipped with new sweet and sour cooling technology. In addition to novel flavor combinations, it also has a new sweet and sour flavor experience. The new sweet and sour flavor has the effect of improving the reduction degree of different fruity aroma characteristics and tastes such as skin texture, meat texture, and seed texture. It is fresh, sweet, delicate and full. It performs well with different types of vaping devices and is not easy to burn the core. Carbon deposits make it less likely to be bitter.

zinwi-Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

Candy series

Candy can make people produce dopamine and bring a feeling of pleasure, but the contemporary young consumer group has changed from "sugar control" to "sugar control". People want to reduce sugar intake, but do not want to lose the pleasure brought by sweetness. We urgently In line with market demand, the flavor of the world's best-selling candy can be restored, which can not only awaken the beautiful memories brought by candy in the memory, but also satisfy the new consumption trend of "sweetness rather than sugar".

zinwi-Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

Juice series

The difference between the juice series and the fruit series is that the juice series restores the flavor of local best-selling juice drink brands. The latest innovation trends and market analysis of foreign beverages show that in recent years, the world's best-selling juice brands are more willing to add flavors that symbolize vitality and health in terms of flavor innovation, and the flavor combinations of some brands have very strong "localized" regional characteristics.

zinwi-Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

Yogurt series

Milkshakes are a hot-selling item in American fast food restaurants. This year, McDonald's new milkshake flavor has become a hit on the Internet in collaboration with TikTok bloggers. It can be seen that innovative flavors based on the classic best-selling tone will attract consumers whether it is based on feelings or hobbies. More willing to foot the bill. Lactic acid bacteria drinks are very popular in Japan and Southeast Asian countries, and their flavor types are more diverse than in other regions. The yogurt series has attracted the attention of the younger generation and is deeply loved by young consumer groups.

zinwi-Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

Tea series

This series restores the classic flavors of a series of brewed teas such as the Malaysian national tarik tea brand, the famous yerba mate tea brand, and the famous British royal family tea brand. The unique regional characteristics make the product flavor more recognizable, restoring the aroma and slightly astringent taste of freshly brewed tea, and making the milky and sweet aroma smoother. The new tea beverage track is favored by capital. In addition to brewing tea, we have also developed flavors of well-known brand tea beverages, such as iced black tea, honey grapefruit tea, matcha, etc.

zinwi-Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

Dessert series

The dessert series restores the flavors of local popular brand snacks and desserts and is one of the "localization" series. The goal is to attract users who prefer the best-selling food brand among the e-atomizer user group. The overall flavor is three-dimensional and full, and the characteristic aroma and sweetness are highly restored.

zinwi-Part 2: Global flavor customization, 2023 Zinwi new flavors summary

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